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# ID Name Level Type
169173Test Charm Test Charm-
238284First Strumming  Charm First Strumming Charm10
338209Elbow Blow Charm Elbow Blow Charm15
438226Ghost Wing Charm Ghost Wing Charm15
538248Wind Shadow Charm Wind Shadow Charm15
638281Wind Ballad Charm Wind Ballad Charm15
738294Faraway Instrumental Charm Faraway Instrumental Charm15
854445Ice Speak Charm Ice Speak Charm15
954448Falling Leaf Charm Falling Leaf Charm15
1054453Shady Moon Charm Shady Moon Charm15
1154462Pine Strength Charm Pine Strength Charm15
1254465Jaden Rain Charm Jaden Rain Charm15
1354470Solar Magnificence Charm Solar Magnificence Charm15
1454476Dual Aim Charm Dual Aim Charm15
1554481Wind Boost Charm Wind Boost Charm15
1654485Banished Memory Charm Banished Memory Charm15
1754493Falling Leaf/Shady Moon Charm Falling Leaf/Shady Moon Charm15
1854497Jaden Rain/Solar M. Charm Jaden Rain/Solar M. Charm15
1961971Charm<Dragon Grudge> Charm<Dragon Grudge>15
2061999Charm<Blood Shower> Charm<Blood Shower>15
2162002Charm<Earth Rift> Charm<Earth Rift>15
2262007Charm<Mass Termination> Charm<Mass Termination>15
2362013Charm<Majestic Land> Charm<Majestic Land>15
2462016Charm<Dare Provocation> Charm<Dare Provocation>15
2562019Charm<Wyvern Gut> Charm<Wyvern Gut>15
2662024Charm<Blitz Strike> Charm<Blitz Strike>15
2762033Charm<Lasting Turmoil> Charm<Lasting Turmoil>15
2862036Charm<Balance Check> Charm<Balance Check>15
2962041Charm<Tigerhowl> Charm<Tigerhowl>15
3065356Charm <Energy> Charm <Energy>15
3165357Charm <Urh> Charm <Urh>15
3269121Seira Charm<Icicle Branch> Seira Charm<Icicle Branch>15
3369122Seira Charm<Jade Cross> Seira Charm<Jade Cross>15
3469124Seira Charm<Oak Refinement> Seira Charm<Oak Refinement>15
3569138Seira Charm<Star Raiser> Seira Charm<Star Raiser>15
3669139Seira Charm<Willow Steam> Seira Charm<Willow Steam>15
3769141Seira Charm<Swallow's Bound> Seira Charm<Swallow's Bound>15
3869155Seira Charm<The Goblet> Seira Charm<The Goblet>15
3969156Seira Charm<Sun's Favor> Seira Charm<Sun's Favor>15
4069158Seira Charm<Sorrow's End> Seira Charm<Sorrow's End>15
4169218Seira Charm<O.Refi.><M.Charm> Seira Charm<O.Refi.><M.Charm>15
4269219Seira Charm<S.Raiser><C.Walker> Seira Charm<S.Raiser><C.Walker>15
4369220Seira Charm<B.Blood><S.Shroud> Seira Charm<B.Blood><S.Shroud>15
4469222Seira Charm<F.Blossom><W.Wave> Seira Charm<F.Blossom><W.Wave>15
4569225Seira Charm<C.Spirit><R.Cry> Seira Charm<C.Spirit><R.Cry>15
4673678Gevrin Charm<Dream Lark> Gevrin Charm<Dream Lark>15
4773681Gevrin Charm<Night Mist> Gevrin Charm<Night Mist>15
4873682Gevrin Charm<Wind Chant> Gevrin Charm<Wind Chant>15
4973683Gevrin Charm<Rain Curtain> Gevrin Charm<Rain Curtain>15
5073684Gevrin Charm<Winding River> Gevrin Charm<Winding River>15
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