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# ID Name Level Type
1406Brilliant Cassock♂ Brilliant Cassock♂15
2486Brilliant Cassock♀ Brilliant Cassock♀15
35588Ardent Brilliant Cassock♂ Ardent Brilliant Cassock♂15
45589Ardent Brilliant Cassock♀ Ardent Brilliant Cassock♀15
513727N/A昆仑声望装100级天音寺袍男 N/A昆仑声望装100级天音寺袍男15
613728N/A昆仑声望装100级天音寺袍女 N/A昆仑声望装100级天音寺袍女15
724316Refined Brilliant Cassock Refined Brilliant Cassock15
842106N/A封神初等天音寺甲男 N/A封神初等天音寺甲男15
942107N/A封神初等天音寺甲女 N/A封神初等天音寺甲女15
1046813Essence Wish Robe♂ Essence Wish Robe♂15
1146823Essence Wish Robe♀ Essence Wish Robe♀15
12407Essence Cassock♂ Essence Cassock♂30
13487Essence Cassock♀ Essence Cassock♀30
142790Ardent Essence Cassock♂ Ardent Essence Cassock♂30
152897Ardent Essence Cassock♀ Ardent Essence Cassock♀30
163596Astute Essence Cassock♂ Astute Essence Cassock♂30
173638Fervent Essence Cassock♂ Fervent Essence Cassock♂30
183641Vacuous Essence Cassock♂ Vacuous Essence Cassock♂30
193767Fervent Essence Cassock♀ Fervent Essence Cassock♀30
203770Vacuous Essence Cassock♀ Vacuous Essence Cassock♀30
213776Astute Essence Cassock♀ Astute Essence Cassock♀30
223890Wary Essence Cassock♂ Wary Essence Cassock♂30
233943Wary Essence Cassock♀ Wary Essence Cassock♀30
2424317Refined Essence Cassock Refined Essence Cassock30
2546814Essence Antique Robe♂ Essence Antique Robe♂30
2646824Essence Antique Robe♀ Essence Antique Robe♀30
27408Phoenix Cassock♂ Phoenix Cassock♂45
28488Phoenix Cassock♀ Phoenix Cassock♀45
292791Ardent Phoenix Cassock♂ Ardent Phoenix Cassock♂45
302898Ardent Phoenix Cassock♀ Ardent Phoenix Cassock♀45
313597Astute Phoenix Cassock♂ Astute Phoenix Cassock♂45
323639Fervent Phoenix Cassock♂ Fervent Phoenix Cassock♂45
333642Vacuous Phoenix Cassock♂ Vacuous Phoenix Cassock♂45
343768Fervent Phoenix Cassock♀ Fervent Phoenix Cassock♀45
353771Vacuous Phoenix Cassock♀ Vacuous Phoenix Cassock♀45
363777Astute Phoenix Cassock♀ Astute Phoenix Cassock♀45
373891Wary Phoenix Cassock♂ Wary Phoenix Cassock♂45
383944Wary Phoenix Cassock♀ Wary Phoenix Cassock♀45
3916493Phoenix Cassock♂ Phoenix Cassock♂45
4016494Phoenix Cassock♀ Phoenix Cassock♀45
4124318Refined Phoenix Cassock Refined Phoenix Cassock45
4246815Essence Phase Robe♂ Essence Phase Robe♂45
4346825Essence Phase Robe♀ Essence Phase Robe♀45
44409Acolyte Cassock♂ Acolyte Cassock♂60
45489Acolyte Cassock♀ Acolyte Cassock♀60
462792Ardent Acolyte Cassock♂ Ardent Acolyte Cassock♂60
472899Ardent Acolyte Cassock♀ Ardent Acolyte Cassock♀60
483027Enthusiast Cassock♂ Enthusiast Cassock♂60
493111Enthusiast Cassock♀ Enthusiast Cassock♀60
503598Astute Acolyte Cassock♂ Astute Acolyte Cassock♂60
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