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# Name Level Type
1●Astrum Lustre Glaive ●Astrum Lustre Glaive164
2●Astrum Lustre Halberd ●Astrum Lustre Halberd164
3●Astrum Lustre Cestus ●Astrum Lustre Cestus164
4●Astrum Lustre Duoblade ●Astrum Lustre Duoblade164
5●Astrum Lustre Stardial ●Astrum Lustre Stardial164
6●Astrum Lustre Umbrella ●Astrum Lustre Umbrella164
7●Astrum Lustre Fan ●Astrum Lustre Fan164
8●Astrum Lustre Sword ●Astrum Lustre Sword164
9Astrum Lustre Fangclaw Astrum Lustre Fangclaw164
10●Astrum Lustre Brush ●Astrum Lustre Brush164
11●Astrum Lustre Axe ●Astrum Lustre Axe164
12●Astrum Lustre Sickle ●Astrum Lustre Sickle164
13●Astrum Lustre Kristoc ●Astrum Lustre Kristoc164
14●Astrum Lustre Zither ●Astrum Lustre Zither164
15●Astrum Lustre Staff ●Astrum Lustre Staff164
16●Astrum Lustre Trident ●Astrum Lustre Trident164
17●Astrum Lustre Bow ●Astrum Lustre Bow164
18※Astrum Splendid Glaive ※Astrum Splendid Glaive164
19※Astrum Splendid Halberd ※Astrum Splendid Halberd164
20※Astrum Splendid Cestus ※Astrum Splendid Cestus164
21※Astrum Splendid Duoblade ※Astrum Splendid Duoblade164
22※Astrum Splendid Stardial ※Astrum Splendid Stardial164
23※Astrum Splendid Umbrella ※Astrum Splendid Umbrella164
24※Astrum Splendid Fan ※Astrum Splendid Fan164
25※Astrum Splendid Sword ※Astrum Splendid Sword164
26Astrum Splendid Fangclaw Astrum Splendid Fangclaw164
27※Astrum Splendid Brush ※Astrum Splendid Brush164
28※Astrum Splendid Axe ※Astrum Splendid Axe164
29※Astrum Splendid Sickle ※Astrum Splendid Sickle164
30※Astrum Splendid Kristoc ※Astrum Splendid Kristoc164
31※Astrum Splendid Zither ※Astrum Splendid Zither164
32※Astrum Splendid Staff ※Astrum Splendid Staff164
33※Astrum Splendid Trident ※Astrum Splendid Trident164
34※Astrum Splendid Bow ※Astrum Splendid Bow164
35Astrum Splendid Scroll Astrum Splendid Scroll164
36Astrum Lustre Scroll Astrum Lustre Scroll164
37Astrum Lustre Dragon Lance Astrum Lustre Dragon Lance164
38Astrum Splendid Dragon Lance Astrum Splendid Dragon Lance164
39●Imperia·Astrum Lustre Sword ●Imperia·Astrum Lustre Sword164
40※Imperia·Astrum Splendid Sword ※Imperia·Astrum Splendid Sword164
41Astrum Lustre Periapt Astrum Lustre Periapt164
42Astrum Splendid Periapt Astrum Splendid Periapt164
43Astrum Gear Weapon Astrum Gear Weapon165
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