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# ID Name Level Type
125564Petal Shoes♂ Petal Shoes♂15
225565Petal Shoes♀ Petal Shoes♀15
327695Ardent Petal Shoes♂ Ardent Petal Shoes♂15
427864Ardent Petal Shoes♀ Ardent Petal Shoes♀15
542118N/A封神初等烈山靴男 N/A封神初等烈山靴男15
642119N/A封神初等烈山靴女 N/A封神初等烈山靴女15
747437Essence Hunter Shoes♂ Essence Hunter Shoes♂15
847447Essence Hunter Shoes♀ Essence Hunter Shoes♀15
925566Lace Shoes♂ Lace Shoes♂30
1025567Lace Shoes♀ Lace Shoes♀30
1127696Ardent Lace Shoes♂ Ardent Lace Shoes♂30
1227705Wary Lace Shoes♂ Wary Lace Shoes♂30
1327728Fervent Lace Shoes♂ Fervent Lace Shoes♂30
1427744Vacuous Lace Shoes♂ Vacuous Lace Shoes♂30
1527753Astute Lace Shoes♂ Astute Lace Shoes♂30
1627865Ardent Lace Shoes♀ Ardent Lace Shoes♀30
1727874Wary Lace Shoes♀ Wary Lace Shoes♀30
1827898Fervent Lace Shoes♀ Fervent Lace Shoes♀30
1927915Vacuous Lace Shoes♀ Vacuous Lace Shoes♀30
2027924Astute Lace Shoes♀ Astute Lace Shoes♀30
2147438Essence Canyon Shoes♂ Essence Canyon Shoes♂30
2247448Essence Canyon Shoes♀ Essence Canyon Shoes♀30
2325568Velvet Shoes♂ Velvet Shoes♂45
2425569Velvet Shoes♀ Velvet Shoes♀45
2527690Velvet Shoes♂ Velvet Shoes♂45
2627697Ardent Velvet Shoes♂ Ardent Velvet Shoes♂45
2727706Wary Velvet Shoes♂ Wary Velvet Shoes♂45
2827729Fervent Velvet Shoes♂ Fervent Velvet Shoes♂45
2927745Vacuous Velvet Shoes♂ Vacuous Velvet Shoes♂45
3027754Astute Velvet Shoes♂ Astute Velvet Shoes♂45
3127858Velvet Shoes♀ Velvet Shoes♀45
3227866Ardent Velvet Shoes♀ Ardent Velvet Shoes♀45
3327875Wary Velvet Shoes♀ Wary Velvet Shoes♀45
3427900Fervent Velvet Shoes♀ Fervent Velvet Shoes♀45
3527916Vacuous Velvet Shoes♀ Vacuous Velvet Shoes♀45
3627925Astute Velvet Shoes♀ Astute Velvet Shoes♀45
3747439Essence Pride Shoes♂ Essence Pride Shoes♂45
3847449Essence Pride Shoes♀ Essence Pride Shoes♀45
3925570Violet Shoes♂ Violet Shoes♂60
4025571Violet Shoes♀ Violet Shoes♀60
4127691Violet Shoes♂ Violet Shoes♂60
4227698Ardent Violet Shoes♂ Ardent Violet Shoes♂60
4327707Wary Violet Shoes♂ Wary Violet Shoes♂60
4427714Arcanum Violet Shoes♂ Arcanum Violet Shoes♂60
4527721Valiant Violet Shoes♂ Valiant Violet Shoes♂60
4627730Fervent Violet Shoes♂ Fervent Violet Shoes♂60
4727737Euphoric Violet Shoes♂ Euphoric Violet Shoes♂60
4827746Vacuous Violet Shoes♂ Vacuous Violet Shoes♂60
4927755Astute Violet Shoes♂ Astute Violet Shoes♂60
5027761Charming Flowfire Shoes♂ Charming Flowfire Shoes♂60
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