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# ID Name Level Type
1376Composite Plate♂ Composite Plate♂15
2456Composite Plate♀ Composite Plate♀15
33875N/A罡气防御装20级鬼王宗甲 N/A罡气防御装20级鬼王宗甲15
43876N/A罡气防御装30级鬼王宗甲 N/A罡气防御装30级鬼王宗甲15
53877N/A罡气防御装40级鬼王宗甲 N/A罡气防御装40级鬼王宗甲15
65582Ardent Composite Plate♂ Ardent Composite Plate♂15
75583Ardent Composite Plate♀ Ardent Composite Plate♀15
813721N/A昆仑声望装100级鬼王宗甲男 N/A昆仑声望装100级鬼王宗甲男15
913722N/A昆仑声望装100级鬼王宗甲女 N/A昆仑声望装100级鬼王宗甲女15
1024310Refined Composite Plate Refined Composite Plate15
1142092N/A封神初等鬼王宗甲男 N/A封神初等鬼王宗甲男15
1242093N/A封神初等鬼王宗甲女 N/A封神初等鬼王宗甲女15
1345994Essence Iron Armor♂ Essence Iron Armor♂15
1446004Essence Iron Armor♀ Essence Iron Armor♀15
15377Shard Plate♂ Shard Plate♂30
16457Shard Plate♀ Shard Plate♀30
172763Ardent Shard Plate♂ Ardent Shard Plate♂30
182871Ardent Shard Plate♀ Ardent Shard Plate♀30
193587Astute Shard Plate♂ Astute Shard Plate♂30
203611Fervent Shard Plate♂ Fervent Shard Plate♂30
213614Vacuous Shard Plate♂ Vacuous Shard Plate♂30
223731Astute Shard Plate♀ Astute Shard Plate♀30
233734Fervent Shard Plate♀ Fervent Shard Plate♀30
243737Vacuous Shard Plate♀ Vacuous Shard Plate♀30
253878Wary Shard Plate♂ Wary Shard Plate♂30
263931Wary Shard Plate♀ Wary Shard Plate♀30
2724311Refined Shard Plate Refined Shard Plate30
2845995Essence Battle Armor♂ Essence Battle Armor♂30
2946005Essence Battle Armor♀ Essence Battle Armor♀30
30378Beastkin Plate♂ Beastkin Plate♂45
31458Beastkin Plate♀ Beastkin Plate♀45
322764Ardent Beastkin Plate♂ Ardent Beastkin Plate♂45
332872Ardent Beastkin Plate♀ Ardent Beastkin Plate♀45
343588Astute Beastkin Plate♂ Astute Beastkin Plate♂45
353612Fervent Beastkin Plate♂ Fervent Beastkin Plate♂45
363615Vacuous Beastkin Plate♂ Vacuous Beastkin Plate♂45
373732Astute Beastkin Plate♀ Astute Beastkin Plate♀45
383735Fervent Beastkin Plate♀ Fervent Beastkin Plate♀45
393738Vacuous Beastkin Plate♀ Vacuous Beastkin Plate♀45
403879Wary Beastkin Plate♂ Wary Beastkin Plate♂45
413932Wary Beastkin Plate♀ Wary Beastkin Plate♀45
4216481Beastkin Plate♂ Beastkin Plate♂45
4316482Beastkin Plate♀ Beastkin Plate♀45
4424312Refined Beastkin Armor Refined Beastkin Armor45
4545996Essence Stout Armor♂ Essence Stout Armor♂45
4646006Essence Stout Armor♀ Essence Stout Armor♀45
47379Layered Plate♂ Layered Plate♂60
48459Layered Plate♀ Layered Plate♀60
492765Ardent Layered Plate♂ Ardent Layered Plate♂60
502873Ardent Layered Plate♀ Ardent Layered Plate♀60
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