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# Name Level Type
1N/A测试测试测试 N/A测试测试测试-
2N/A测试测试测试 N/A测试测试测试-
3LV15 Seira Weapon LV15 Seira Weapon-
4Test Weapons Test Weapons-
5Iron Sword Iron Sword1
6Apprentice Saber Apprentice Saber1
7Wooden Staff Wooden Staff1
8¤Best Shell GM¤ ¤Best Shell GM¤1
9¤Forrest's Footwear GM¤ ¤Forrest's Footwear GM¤1
10¤Kiwi Fruit Helm GM¤ ¤Kiwi Fruit Helm GM¤1
11¤Huge Mantou GM¤ ¤Huge Mantou GM¤1
12Ring Ring1
13¤Nothing Suit GM¤ ¤Nothing Suit GM¤1
14&GM DMG Add-on &GM DMG Add-on1
15Stinger Stinger1
16MZ test weapons MZ test weapons1
17Dust Soul Dust Soul1
18Snakevenom Halberd Snakevenom Halberd1
19Celestial Scale Halberd Celestial Scale Halberd1
20Compass Compass1
21Solar Refined Stardial Solar Refined Stardial1
22N/A测试一转武器 N/A测试一转武器1
23Gangster Memory Gangster Memory1
24Wooden Soul Absorber Wooden Soul Absorber1
25Sacred Sutra Sacred Sutra1
26Holy Rosary Holy Rosary1
27Lotus Essence Lotus Essence1
28N/A封神-初九仙-固定伤害武器 N/A封神-初九仙-固定伤害武器1
29N/A封神-初九魔-固定伤害武器 N/A封神-初九魔-固定伤害武器1
30^ffdc50Sword of^ff0000 Weapon ^ffdc50Sword of^ff0000 Weapon1
31N/A测试封神鬼道武器 N/A测试封神鬼道武器1
32N/A测试封神鬼王宗武器 N/A测试封神鬼王宗武器1
33N/A测试封神合欢派武器 N/A测试封神合欢派武器1
34N/A测试封神怀光武器 N/A测试封神怀光武器1
35N/A测试封神九黎武器 N/A测试封神九黎武器1
36N/A测试封神烈山武器 N/A测试封神烈山武器1
37N/A测试封神青云门武器 N/A测试封神青云门武器1
38N/A测试封神天华武器 N/A测试封神天华武器1
39N/A测试封神天音寺武器 N/A测试封神天音寺武器1
40Black Bamboo Black Bamboo1
41Wooden Soul Absorber Wooden Soul Absorber1
42Sky Silhouette Scroll Sky Silhouette Scroll1
43Dreamtide Scroll Dreamtide Scroll1
44Refined Dreamtide Scroll Refined Dreamtide Scroll1
45Initial Stardial Device Initial Stardial Device1
46Hard Bow Hard Bow1
47Steel Axe Steel Axe1
48Mystic·Cold Food (Enhance +15) Mystic·Cold Food (Enhance +15)1
49Incensewood Sword Incensewood Sword1
50Boxing Gloves Boxing Gloves1
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