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# Name Level Type
1Test Weapons Test Weapons-
2N/A测试测试测试 N/A测试测试测试-
3N/A测试测试测试 N/A测试测试测试-
4LV15 Seira Weapon LV15 Seira Weapon-
5Iron Sword Iron Sword1
6Apprentice Saber Apprentice Saber1
7Wooden Staff Wooden Staff1
8Refined Morning Cloud Umbrella Refined Morning Cloud Umbrella1
9Abandon Abandon1
10Morning Cloud Umbrella Morning Cloud Umbrella1
11Shining Cestus Shining Cestus1
12Refined Southern Cestus Refined Southern Cestus1
13¤Best Shell GM¤ ¤Best Shell GM¤1
14¤Forrest's Footwear GM¤ ¤Forrest's Footwear GM¤1
15¤Kiwi Fruit Helm GM¤ ¤Kiwi Fruit Helm GM¤1
16¤Huge Mantou GM¤ ¤Huge Mantou GM¤1
17Ring Ring1
18¤Nothing Suit GM¤ ¤Nothing Suit GM¤1
19&GM DMG Add-on &GM DMG Add-on1
20Invisible Sickle Invisible Sickle1
21Soundless Piano Soundless Piano1
22★Ethereal Blade ★Ethereal Blade1
23★Scorpion King Sword ★Scorpion King Sword1
24★Aurelian Willow Ring ★Aurelian Willow Ring1
25★Earthsplitter Staff ★Earthsplitter Staff1
26★Dawnbringer Pike ★Dawnbringer Pike1
27★Sky Ripper Knife ★Sky Ripper Knife1
28★Demon Houndlord Axe ★Demon Houndlord Axe1
29★Verdant Dream Bow ★Verdant Dream Bow1
30★Dance of Dragons Sickle ★Dance of Dragons Sickle1
31★Cloud Plume Zither ★Cloud Plume Zither1
32★Star Shatterer ★Star Shatterer1
33★Flow Wrecker ★Flow Wrecker1
34★Flowing Darkness Brush ★Flowing Darkness Brush1
35★Blazing Sun Spear ★Blazing Sun Spear1
36Skywind Band Umbrella Skywind Band Umbrella1
37Steel Cestus Steel Cestus1
38Iron Scythe Iron Scythe1
39Bamboo Zither Bamboo Zither1
40Scythe Scythe1
41Zither Zither1
42Polished Scythe Polished Scythe1
43Polished Zither Polished Zither1
44Golden Cauldron (unused) Golden Cauldron (unused)1
45Golden Cauldron Golden Cauldron1
46Flurry Sword Flurry Sword1
47Horizontal Slash Sword Horizontal Slash Sword1
48Dust Soul Dust Soul1
49Stinger Stinger1
50Refined Green Sword Refined Green Sword1
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