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# ID Name Level Type
187428Test Weapons Test Weapons-
294769N/A测试测试测试 N/A测试测试测试-
394770N/A测试测试测试 N/A测试测试测试-
487557Gale Sword Gale Sword15
587949Sand Spirit Sword Sand Spirit Sword15
688066Ghost Sand Sword Ghost Sand Sword15
788233Refined Gale Sword Refined Gale Sword15
887565Squall Sword Squall Sword30
987956Earth Spirit Sword Earth Spirit Sword30
1088067Nether Spirit Sword Nether Spirit Sword30
1188071Secret Sword Secret Sword30
1288234Refined Squall Sword Refined Squall Sword30
1387572Tiger Tooth Sword Tiger Tooth Sword45
1487963Sky Spirit Sword Sky Spirit Sword45
1588068Underworld Sword Underworld Sword45
1688235Refined Tiger Tooth Sword Refined Tiger Tooth Sword45
1788255Tiger Tooth Sword Tiger Tooth Sword45
1887579Tempest Sword Tempest Sword60
1987970War Spirit Sword War Spirit Sword60
2088069Mingling Years Sword Mingling Years Sword60
2188072Secret Age Sword Secret Age Sword60
2288134Great Spirit Sword Great Spirit Sword60
2388236Refined Tempest Sword Refined Tempest Sword60
2488262Tempest Sword Tempest Sword60
2587586Gust Sword Gust Sword75
2687648●Lonely Path Sword ●Lonely Path Sword75
2787977God Spirit Sword God Spirit Sword75
2888019Soul Shatterer Sword Soul Shatterer Sword75
2988070Ghost Sword Ghost Sword75
3088141True Sword of the Underworld True Sword of the Underworld75
3188183Honorary Sword Honorary Sword75
3288237Refined Gust Sword Refined Gust Sword75
3388269Gust Sword Gust Sword75
3487593Lofty Sword Lofty Sword90
3587655●Six Cuts Sword ●Six Cuts Sword90
3687984Fire Spirit Sword Fire Spirit Sword90
3788026Spirit Kelp Sword Spirit Kelp Sword90
3888061God's Deep Void Sword God's Deep Void Sword90
3988077Underworld Practicing Sword Underworld Practicing Sword90
4088081Fire Hook Sword Fire Hook Sword90
4188084Underworld Sword Underworld Sword90
4288087Underworld Fire Sword Underworld Fire Sword90
4388090Underworld Fire Sword Underworld Fire Sword90
4488148Underworld Spirit Sword Underworld Spirit Sword90
4588190Plum Sword Plum Sword90
4688225God Slayer Sword God Slayer Sword90
4788238Refined Lofty Sword Refined Lofty Sword90
4888248Dragon's Edge Sword Dragon's Edge Sword90
4988276Lofty Sword Lofty Sword90
5087529Wild Wind Sword Wild Wind Sword105
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