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# ID Name Level Type
183289Rhombous Armor♀ Rhombous Armor♀15
283290Rhombous Armor♂ Rhombous Armor♂15
383681Essence Tribute Armor♀ Essence Tribute Armor♀15
483682Essence Tribute Armor♂ Essence Tribute Armor♂15
583971Refined Illicium Armor Refined Illicium Armor15
683297Woolen Armor♀ Woolen Armor♀30
783298Woolen Armor♂ Woolen Armor♂30
883688Essence Resilient Armor♀ Essence Resilient Armor♀30
983689Essence Resilient Armor♂ Essence Resilient Armor♂30
1083972Refined Rhombous Armor Refined Rhombous Armor30
1183304Great Wave Armor♀ Great Wave Armor♀45
1283305Great Wave Armor♂ Great Wave Armor♂45
1383695Essence Condemned Armor♀ Essence Condemned Armor♀45
1483696Essence Condemned Armor♂ Essence Condemned Armor♂45
1583973Refined Woolen Armor Refined Woolen Armor45
1683987Great Wave Armor♀ Great Wave Armor♀45
1783988Great Wave Armor♂ Great Wave Armor♂45
1883311Louse Armor♀ Louse Armor♀60
1983312Louse Armor♂ Louse Armor♂60
2083702Essence Leopard Armor♀ Essence Leopard Armor♀60
2183703Essence Leopard Armor♂ Essence Leopard Armor♂60
2283866Abyss Quiet Simplicity Armor♀ Abyss Quiet Simplicity Armor♀60
2383867Abyss Quiet Simplicity Armor♂ Abyss Quiet Simplicity Armor♂60
2483974Refined Great Wave Armor Refined Great Wave Armor60
2583994Louse Armor♀ Louse Armor♀60
2683995Louse Armor♂ Louse Armor♂60
2783318Florid Scale Armor♀ Florid Scale Armor♀75
2883319Florid Scale Armor♂ Florid Scale Armor♂75
2983380●Gentiana Armor♀ ●Gentiana Armor♀75
3083381●Gentiana Armor♂ ●Gentiana Armor♂75
3183709Essence Flying Armor♀ Essence Flying Armor♀75
3283710Essence Flying Armor♂ Essence Flying Armor♂75
3383751Spirit Grievance Armor♀ Spirit Grievance Armor♀75
3483752Spirit Grievance Armor♂ Spirit Grievance Armor♂75
3583873Abyss Beryl Armor♀ Abyss Beryl Armor♀75
3683874Abyss Beryl Armor♂ Abyss Beryl Armor♂75
3783915Dark Clarity Armor♀ Dark Clarity Armor♀75
3883916Dark Clarity Armor♂ Dark Clarity Armor♂75
3983975Refined Louse Armor Refined Louse Armor75
4084001Florid Scale Armor♀ Florid Scale Armor♀75
4184002Florid Scale Armor♂ Florid Scale Armor♂75
4283325Kui Demon Armor♀ Kui Demon Armor♀90
4383326Kui Demon Armor♂ Kui Demon Armor♂90
4483387●White Dragon Wing Armor♀ ●White Dragon Wing Armor♀90
4583388●White Dragon Wing Armor♂ ●White Dragon Wing Armor♂90
4683716Essence Spiritual Armor♀ Essence Spiritual Armor♀90
4783717Essence Spiritual Armor♂ Essence Spiritual Armor♂90
4883758Spirit Plated Armor♀ Spirit Plated Armor♀90
4983759Spirit Plated Armor♂ Spirit Plated Armor♂90
5083793Void Sentry Armor♀ Void Sentry Armor♀90
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