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# ID Name Level Type
183288Naga Lance Naga Lance15
283680Essence Hidden Dragon Lance Essence Hidden Dragon Lance15
383797Abyss Hidden Dragon Lance Abyss Hidden Dragon Lance15
483964Refined Naga Lance Refined Naga Lance15
583296Cruel Dragon Lance Cruel Dragon Lance30
683687Essence Virtuous Dragon Lance Essence Virtuous Dragon Lance30
783798Abyss Virtuous Dragon Lance Abyss Virtuous Dragon Lance30
883802Secret Virtuous Dragon Lance Secret Virtuous Dragon Lance30
983965Refined Cruel Dragon Lance Refined Cruel Dragon Lance30
1083303Dravya Dragon Lance Dravya Dragon Lance45
1183694Essence Solemn Dragon Lance Essence Solemn Dragon Lance45
1283799Abyss Solemn Dragon Lance Abyss Solemn Dragon Lance45
1383966Refined Dravya Dragon Lance Refined Dravya Dragon Lance45
1483986Dravya Dragon Lance Dravya Dragon Lance45
1583310Stern Dragon Lance Stern Dragon Lance60
1683701Essence Forborne Dragon Lance Essence Forborne Dragon Lance60
1783800Abyss Forborne Dragon Lance Abyss Forborne Dragon Lance60
1883803Secret Forborne Dragon Lance Secret Forborne Dragon Lance60
1983865Abyss Emerald Dragon Lance Abyss Emerald Dragon Lance60
2083967Refined Stern Dragon Lance Refined Stern Dragon Lance60
2183993Stern Dragon Lance Stern Dragon Lance60
2283317Leaping Dragon Lance Leaping Dragon Lance75
2383379●Divine Dragon Lance ●Divine Dragon Lance75
2483708Essence Revered Dragon Lance Essence Revered Dragon Lance75
2583750Spirit Underworld Dragon Lance Spirit Underworld Dragon Lance75
2683801Abyss Revered Dragon Lance Abyss Revered Dragon Lance75
2783872Abyss Jade Dragon Lance Abyss Jade Dragon Lance75
2883914Dark Feather Dragon Lance Dark Feather Dragon Lance75
2983968Refined Leaping Dragon Lance Refined Leaping Dragon Lance75
3084000Leaping Dragon Lance Leaping Dragon Lance75
3183324Flying Dragon Lance Flying Dragon Lance90
3283386●Valiant Dragon Lance ●Valiant Dragon Lance90
3383715Essence Astute Dragon Lance Essence Astute Dragon Lance90
3483757Spirit Vinaya Dragon Lance Spirit Vinaya Dragon Lance90
3583792Void Wandering Dragon Lance Void Wandering Dragon Lance90
368380817173 Crystal Dragon Lance 17173 Crystal Dragon Lance90
3783812Duowan Red Dragon Lance Duowan Red Dragon Lance90
3883815Sina Red Dragon Lance Sina Red Dragon Lance90
3983818NetEase Red Dragon Lance NetEase Red Dragon Lance90
4083821Tencent Red Dragon Lance Tencent Red Dragon Lance90
4183879Abyss Crystal Dragon Lance Abyss Crystal Dragon Lance90
4283921Dark Cloud Dragon Lance Dark Cloud Dragon Lance90
4383956Wild Ruthless Dragon Lance Wild Ruthless Dragon Lance90
4483969Refined Flying Dragon Lance Refined Flying Dragon Lance90
4583979Soulbane Dragon Soul Lance Soulbane Dragon Soul Lance90
4684007Flying Dragon Lance Flying Dragon Lance90
4783260Howling Dragon Lance Howling Dragon Lance105
4883337●Vengeful Dragon Lance ●Vengeful Dragon Lance105
4983638Ethical Black Dragon Lance Ethical Black Dragon Lance105
5083645Glacier Black Dragon Lance Glacier Black Dragon Lance105
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