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# ID Name Level Type
1326Bronze Staff Bronze Staff15
24692Elite Bronze Staff Elite Bronze Staff15
35570Ardent Bronze Staff Ardent Bronze Staff15
45571Sharp Bronze Staff Sharp Bronze Staff15
56234Sturdy Bronze Staff Sturdy Bronze Staff15
610967Staff of the Moon Staff of the Moon15
724055Refined Bronze Staff Refined Bronze Staff15
846696Essence Tin Staff Essence Tin Staff15
9327Gilded Staff Gilded Staff30
102754Ardent Gilded Staff Ardent Gilded Staff30
113556Sturdy Gilded Staff Sturdy Gilded Staff30
123568Loyal Gilded Staff Loyal Gilded Staff30
134693Arcane Gilded Staff Arcane Gilded Staff30
145572Refined Gilded Staff Refined Gilded Staff30
156509Excellent Gilded Staff Excellent Gilded Staff30
1610968Crescent Moon Staff Crescent Moon Staff30
1724056Refined Gilded Staff Refined Gilded Staff30
1846697Essence Banish Staff Essence Banish Staff30
19328Ritual Staff Ritual Staff45
202755Ardent Ritual Staff Ardent Ritual Staff45
213557Sturdy Ritual Staff Sturdy Ritual Staff45
223569Loyal Ritual Staff Loyal Ritual Staff45
235573Crafted Ritual Staff Crafted Ritual Staff45
2410969Moonbeam Staff Moonbeam Staff45
2516463Ritual Staff Ritual Staff45
2624057Refined Ritual Staff Refined Ritual Staff45
2746698Essence Wisdom Staff Essence Wisdom Staff45
28329Flame Staff Flame Staff60
292756Ardent Flame Staff Ardent Flame Staff60
302999Staff of Salvation Staff of Salvation60
313558Sturdy Flame Staff Sturdy Flame Staff60
323570Loyal Flame Staff Loyal Flame Staff60
333574Staff of Meditation Staff of Meditation60
343578Ceremonial Staff Ceremonial Staff60
353582Staff of Virtues Staff of Virtues60
363586Staff of Redeemer Staff of Redeemer60
3716464Flame Staff Flame Staff60
3817811Arcane Flame Staff Arcane Flame Staff60
3919918Sagacious Flamoid Staff Sagacious Flamoid Staff60
4023912Lunarhold Staff Lunarhold Staff60
4124058Refined Flame Staff Refined Flame Staff60
4246699Essence Knowledge Staff Essence Knowledge Staff60
4346717Abyss Massvastness Staff Abyss Massvastness Staff60
44330Radiant Staff Radiant Staff75
452757Ardent Radiant Staff Ardent Radiant Staff75
463000Devil Sealer Devil Sealer75
474921Sturdy Radiant Staff Sturdy Radiant Staff75
484922Loyal Radiant Staff Loyal Radiant Staff75
494923Protector's Staff Protector's Staff75
504924Staff of Comprehension Staff of Comprehension75
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