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# Name Level Type
1Imperial Cestus Imperial Cestus15
2Refined Imperial Cestus Refined Imperial Cestus15
3Justice Cestus Justice Cestus15
4Essence Revolting Cestus Essence Revolting Cestus15
5Mountain Cestus Mountain Cestus30
6Refined Mountain Cestus Refined Mountain Cestus30
7Mystery Mountain Cestus Mystery Mountain Cestus30
8Glacier Cestus Glacier Cestus30
9Essence Overlord Cestus Essence Overlord Cestus30
10Slaver Cestus Slaver Cestus45
11Refined Slaver Cestus Refined Slaver Cestus45
12Slaver Cestus Slaver Cestus45
13Boulder Cestus Boulder Cestus45
14Essence Sovereign Cestus Essence Sovereign Cestus45
15Ferocious Cestus Ferocious Cestus60
16Refined Ferocious Cestus Refined Ferocious Cestus60
17Ferocious Cestus Ferocious Cestus60
18Mystery Ferocious Cestus Mystery Ferocious Cestus60
19Adversity Cestus Adversity Cestus60
20Essence Perisher Cestus Essence Perisher Cestus60
21Abyss Bloodbane Cestus Abyss Bloodbane Cestus60
22●Shrill Cestus ●Shrill Cestus75
23Disastrous Cestus Disastrous Cestus75
24Refined Tiger Cestus Refined Tiger Cestus75
25Tiger Cestus Tiger Cestus75
26Avalanche Cestus Avalanche Cestus75
27Essence Dark Cestus Essence Dark Cestus75
28Spirit Soaring Cestus Spirit Soaring Cestus75
29Abyss Brute Cestus Abyss Brute Cestus75
30Shrewd Bolstered Cestus Shrewd Bolstered Cestus75
31●Predator Cestus ●Predator Cestus90
32Cloud Cestus Cloud Cestus90
33Refined Cloud Cestus Refined Cloud Cestus90
34Cloud Cestus Cloud Cestus90
35Drakelord Cestus Drakelord Cestus90
36Essence Black Cestus Essence Black Cestus90
37Spirit Vulture Cestus Spirit Vulture Cestus90
38Void Feast Cestus Void Feast Cestus90
39Abyss Destiny Cestus Abyss Destiny Cestus90
40Shrewd Wildhunt Cestus Shrewd Wildhunt Cestus90
41Wild Aftermath Cestus Wild Aftermath Cestus90
42★Abyss Destiny Cestus ★Abyss Destiny Cestus90
43★Abyss Destiny Cestus ★Abyss Destiny Cestus90
44★Abyss Destiny Cestus ★Abyss Destiny Cestus90
45★Abyss Destiny Cestus ★Abyss Destiny Cestus90
46★Abyss Destiny Cestus ★Abyss Destiny Cestus90
47●Heaven Shake Cestus ●Heaven Shake Cestus105
48Thunder Cestus Thunder Cestus105
49Refined Barbarian Cestus Refined Barbarian Cestus105
50Ethical Sorrow Cestus Ethical Sorrow Cestus105
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