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# ID Name Level Type
145032Imperial Cestus Imperial Cestus15
245102Refined Imperial Cestus Refined Imperial Cestus15
345147Justice Cestus Justice Cestus15
448334Essence Revolting Cestus Essence Revolting Cestus15
545039Mountain Cestus Mountain Cestus30
645103Refined Mountain Cestus Refined Mountain Cestus30
745145Mystery Mountain Cestus Mystery Mountain Cestus30
845148Glacier Cestus Glacier Cestus30
948335Essence Overlord Cestus Essence Overlord Cestus30
1045046Slaver Cestus Slaver Cestus45
1145104Refined Slaver Cestus Refined Slaver Cestus45
1245117Slaver Cestus Slaver Cestus45
1345149Boulder Cestus Boulder Cestus45
1448336Essence Sovereign Cestus Essence Sovereign Cestus45
1545053Ferocious Cestus Ferocious Cestus60
1645105Refined Ferocious Cestus Refined Ferocious Cestus60
1745118Ferocious Cestus Ferocious Cestus60
1845146Mystery Ferocious Cestus Mystery Ferocious Cestus60
1945150Adversity Cestus Adversity Cestus60
2048337Essence Perisher Cestus Essence Perisher Cestus60
2148355Abyss Bloodbane Cestus Abyss Bloodbane Cestus60
2244863●Shrill Cestus ●Shrill Cestus75
2345060Disastrous Cestus Disastrous Cestus75
2445106Refined Tiger Cestus Refined Tiger Cestus75
2545119Tiger Cestus Tiger Cestus75
2645151Avalanche Cestus Avalanche Cestus75
2748338Essence Dark Cestus Essence Dark Cestus75
2848344Spirit Soaring Cestus Spirit Soaring Cestus75
2948356Abyss Brute Cestus Abyss Brute Cestus75
3048362Shrewd Bolstered Cestus Shrewd Bolstered Cestus75
3144870●Predator Cestus ●Predator Cestus90
3245067Cloud Cestus Cloud Cestus90
3345107Refined Cloud Cestus Refined Cloud Cestus90
3445120Cloud Cestus Cloud Cestus90
3545157Drakelord Cestus Drakelord Cestus90
3648339Essence Black Cestus Essence Black Cestus90
3748345Spirit Vulture Cestus Spirit Vulture Cestus90
3848350Void Feast Cestus Void Feast Cestus90
3948357Abyss Destiny Cestus Abyss Destiny Cestus90
4048363Shrewd Wildhunt Cestus Shrewd Wildhunt Cestus90
4148368Wild Aftermath Cestus Wild Aftermath Cestus90
4251688★Abyss Destiny Cestus ★Abyss Destiny Cestus90
4351691★Abyss Destiny Cestus ★Abyss Destiny Cestus90
4451694★Abyss Destiny Cestus ★Abyss Destiny Cestus90
4551697★Abyss Destiny Cestus ★Abyss Destiny Cestus90
4658083★Abyss Destiny Cestus ★Abyss Destiny Cestus90
4744877●Heaven Shake Cestus ●Heaven Shake Cestus105
4845074Thunder Cestus Thunder Cestus105
4945108Refined Barbarian Cestus Refined Barbarian Cestus105
5045152Ethical Sorrow Cestus Ethical Sorrow Cestus105
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