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# Name Level Type
1Blazing Kristoc Blazing Kristoc15
2Refined Mineflame Kristoc Refined Mineflame Kristoc15
3Shadow Kristoc Shadow Kristoc15
4Essence Vain Kristoc Essence Vain Kristoc15
5Refined Blazing Kristoc Refined Blazing Kristoc15
6Afterglow Kristoc Afterglow Kristoc30
7Refined Skycrack Kristoc Refined Skycrack Kristoc30
8Mystery Darkfire Kristoc Mystery Darkfire Kristoc30
9Swift Kristoc Swift Kristoc30
10Essence Scorch Kristoc Essence Scorch Kristoc30
11Cloudroll Kristoc Cloudroll Kristoc45
12Refined Cloudroll Kristoc Refined Cloudroll Kristoc45
13Cloudroll Kristoc Cloudroll Kristoc45
14Neon Kristoc Neon Kristoc45
15Essence Severe Kristoc Essence Severe Kristoc45
16Risingflame Kristoc Risingflame Kristoc60
17Refined Risingflame Kristoc Refined Risingflame Kristoc60
18Risingflame Kristoc Risingflame Kristoc60
19Mystery Arcanefire Kristoc Mystery Arcanefire Kristoc60
20Massacre Kristoc Massacre Kristoc60
21Essence Grand Kristoc Essence Grand Kristoc60
22Abyss Mistburn Kristoc Abyss Mistburn Kristoc60
23●Firefly Kristoc ●Firefly Kristoc75
24Firestorm Kristoc Firestorm Kristoc75
25Refined Firestorm Kristoc Refined Firestorm Kristoc75
26Firestorm Kristoc Firestorm Kristoc75
27Exorcist Kristoc Exorcist Kristoc75
28Essence Flare Kristoc Essence Flare Kristoc75
29Spirit Keen Kristoc Spirit Keen Kristoc75
30Abyss Skyshine Kristoc Abyss Skyshine Kristoc75
31Shrewd Direflame Kristoc Shrewd Direflame Kristoc75
32●Inkstar Kristoc ●Inkstar Kristoc90
33Solar Kristoc Solar Kristoc90
34Refined Solar Kristoc Refined Solar Kristoc90
35Solar Kristoc Solar Kristoc90
36Soulbane Drakelord Kristoc Soulbane Drakelord Kristoc90
37Essence Ash Kristoc Essence Ash Kristoc90
38Spirit Rupture Kristoc Spirit Rupture Kristoc90
39Void Ascension Kristoc Void Ascension Kristoc90
40Abyss Aftermath Kristoc Abyss Aftermath Kristoc90
41Shrewd Soultrap Kristoc Shrewd Soultrap Kristoc90
42Wild Torturer Kristoc Wild Torturer Kristoc90
43★Abyss Aftermath Kristoc ★Abyss Aftermath Kristoc90
44★Abyss Aftermath Kristoc ★Abyss Aftermath Kristoc90
45★Abyss Aftermath Kristoc ★Abyss Aftermath Kristoc90
46★Abyss Aftermath Kristoc ★Abyss Aftermath Kristoc90
47★Abyss Aftermath Kristoc ★Abyss Aftermath Kristoc90
48●Blue Flame Kristoc ●Blue Flame Kristoc105
49Northwind Kristoc Northwind Kristoc105
50Refined Northwind Kristoc Refined Northwind Kristoc105
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