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# ID Name Level Type
159043Cloudsurfer Boots♂ Cloudsurfer Boots♂15
259044Cloudsurfer Boots♀ Cloudsurfer Boots♀15
359383Essence Angelica Boots♂ Essence Angelica Boots♂15
459393Essence Angelica Boots♀ Essence Angelica Boots♀15
559050Moonglow Boots♂ Moonglow Boots♂30
659051Moonglow Boots♀ Moonglow Boots♀30
759384Essence Buddha Boots♂ Essence Buddha Boots♂30
859394Essence Buddha Boots♀ Essence Buddha Boots♀30
959057Sunshimmer Boots♂ Sunshimmer Boots♂45
1059058Sunshimmer Boots♀ Sunshimmer Boots♀45
1159143Sunshimmer Boots♂ Sunshimmer Boots♂45
1259144Sunshimmer Boots♀ Sunshimmer Boots♀45
1359385Essence Wadding Boots♂ Essence Wadding Boots♂45
1459395Essence Wadding Boots♀ Essence Wadding Boots♀45
1559064Meteorite Boots♂ Meteorite Boots♂60
1659065Meteorite Boots♀ Meteorite Boots♀60
1759145Meteorite Boots♂ Meteorite Boots♂60
1859146Meteorite Boots♀ Meteorite Boots♀60
1959386Essence Flax Boots♂ Essence Flax Boots♂60
2059396Essence Flax Boots♀ Essence Flax Boots♀60
2159425Abyss Azurebloom Boots♂ Abyss Azurebloom Boots♂60
2259432Abyss Azurebloom Boots♀ Abyss Azurebloom Boots♀60
2358874● Stardust Boots♂ ● Stardust Boots♂75
2458875●Stardust Boots♀ ●Stardust Boots♀75
2559071Windrun Boots♂ Windrun Boots♂75
2659072Shattered Star Boots♀ Shattered Star Boots♀75
2759147Shattered Star Boots♂ Shattered Star Boots♂75
2859148Shattered Star Boots♀ Shattered Star Boots♀75
2959387Essence Aconite Boots♂ Essence Aconite Boots♂75
3059397Essence Aconite Boots♀ Essence Aconite Boots♀75
3159403Spirit Hazel Boots♂ Spirit Hazel Boots♂75
3259409Spirit Hazel Boots♀ Spirit Hazel Boots♀75
3359426Abyss Velvetlily Boots♂ Abyss Velvetlily Boots♂75
3459433Abyss Velvetlily Boots♀ Abyss Velvetlily Boots♀75
3559439Shrewd Witshackle Boots♂ Shrewd Witshackle Boots♂75
3659445Shrewd Witshackle Boots♀ Shrewd Witshackle Boots♀75
3758881●Starblaze Boots♂ ●Starblaze Boots♂90
3858882●Starblaze Boots♀ ●Starblaze Boots♀90
3959078Cosmic Dust Boots♂ Cosmic Dust Boots♂90
4059079Cosmic Dust Boots♀ Cosmic Dust Boots♀90
4159149Cosmic Dust Boots♂ Cosmic Dust Boots♂90
4259150Cosmic Dust Boots♀ Cosmic Dust Boots♀90
4359180Dark Matter Boots♂ Dark Matter Boots♂90
4459181Dark Matter Boots♀ Dark Matter Boots♀90
4559388Essence Strength Boots♂ Essence Strength Boots♂90
4659398Essence Strength Boots♀ Essence Strength Boots♀90
4759404Spirit Acorn Boots♂ Spirit Acorn Boots♂90
4859410Spirit Acorn Boots♀ Spirit Acorn Boots♀90
4959415Void Topaz Boots♂ Void Topaz Boots♂90
5059420Void Topaz Boots♀ Void Topaz Boots♀90
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