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# Name Level Type
1Serpentine Stardial Serpentine Stardial15
2Refined Serpentine Stardial Refined Serpentine Stardial15
3Soulripper Stardial Soulripper Stardial15
4Origin Delusion Stardial Origin Delusion Stardial15
5Tophook Stardial Tophook Stardial30
6Refined Tophook Stardial Refined Tophook Stardial30
7Skymight Stardial Skymight Stardial30
8Skystar Stardial Skystar Stardial30
9Origin Venom Stardial Origin Venom Stardial30
10Covenant Stardial Covenant Stardial45
11Refined Covenant Stardial Refined Covenant Stardial45
12Principle Stardial Principle Stardial45
13Blazing Stardial Blazing Stardial45
14Origin Rage Stardial Origin Rage Stardial45
15Waterways Stardial Waterways Stardial60
16Refined Waterways Stardial Refined Waterways Stardial60
17Damnation Stardial Damnation Stardial60
18Hiddenthorn Stardial Hiddenthorn Stardial60
19Illusion Stardial Illusion Stardial60
20Origin Quake Stardial Origin Quake Stardial60
21Hellbound Ambition Stardial Hellbound Ambition Stardial60
22●Sunchaser Stardial ●Sunchaser Stardial75
23Mystery Stardial Mystery Stardial75
24Refined Mystery Stardial Refined Mystery Stardial75
25Earthspan Stardial Earthspan Stardial75
26Feathertip Stardial Feathertip Stardial75
27Origin Steadfast Stardial Origin Steadfast Stardial75
28Essence Venom Stardial Essence Venom Stardial75
29Hellbound Epoch Stardial Hellbound Epoch Stardial75
30Shrewd Kirin Stardial Shrewd Kirin Stardial75
31●Moonshard Stardial ●Moonshard Stardial90
32Apeleap Stardial Apeleap Stardial90
33Refined Apeleap Stardial Refined Apeleap Stardial90
34Deicide Stardial Deicide Stardial90
35Glowing Twilight Stardial Glowing Twilight Stardial90
36Origin Grace Stardial Origin Grace Stardial90
37Essence Lust Stardial Essence Lust Stardial90
38Void Scourge Stardial Void Scourge Stardial90
39Hellbound Evolution Stardial Hellbound Evolution Stardial90
40Shrewd Jadepad Stardial Shrewd Jadepad Stardial90
41Wild Avatar Stardial Wild Avatar Stardial90
42Sina·H. Evolution Stardial Sina·H. Evolution Stardial90
43Tencent·H. Evolution Stardial Tencent·H. Evolution Stardial90
44Duowan·H. Evolution Stardial Duowan·H. Evolution Stardial90
4517173·H. Evolution Stardial 17173·H. Evolution Stardial90
46★Abyss Evolution Stardial ★Abyss Evolution Stardial90
47●Windswimmer Stardial ●Windswimmer Stardial105
48Lightbath Stardial Lightbath Stardial105
49Refined Lightbath Stardial Refined Lightbath Stardial105
50Sorrowful Farewell Stardial Sorrowful Farewell Stardial105
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