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# ID Name Level Type
152940Serpentine Stardial Serpentine Stardial15
253010Refined Serpentine Stardial Refined Serpentine Stardial15
353055Soulripper Stardial Soulripper Stardial15
453090Origin Delusion Stardial Origin Delusion Stardial15
552947Tophook Stardial Tophook Stardial30
653011Refined Tophook Stardial Refined Tophook Stardial30
753053Skymight Stardial Skymight Stardial30
853056Skystar Stardial Skystar Stardial30
953091Origin Venom Stardial Origin Venom Stardial30
1052954Covenant Stardial Covenant Stardial45
1153012Refined Covenant Stardial Refined Covenant Stardial45
1253025Principle Stardial Principle Stardial45
1353057Blazing Stardial Blazing Stardial45
1453092Origin Rage Stardial Origin Rage Stardial45
1552961Waterways Stardial Waterways Stardial60
1653013Refined Waterways Stardial Refined Waterways Stardial60
1753026Damnation Stardial Damnation Stardial60
1853054Hiddenthorn Stardial Hiddenthorn Stardial60
1953058Illusion Stardial Illusion Stardial60
2053093Origin Quake Stardial Origin Quake Stardial60
2153111Hellbound Ambition Stardial Hellbound Ambition Stardial60
2252771●Sunchaser Stardial ●Sunchaser Stardial75
2352968Mystery Stardial Mystery Stardial75
2453014Refined Mystery Stardial Refined Mystery Stardial75
2553027Earthspan Stardial Earthspan Stardial75
2653059Feathertip Stardial Feathertip Stardial75
2753094Origin Steadfast Stardial Origin Steadfast Stardial75
2853100Essence Venom Stardial Essence Venom Stardial75
2953112Hellbound Epoch Stardial Hellbound Epoch Stardial75
3053118Shrewd Kirin Stardial Shrewd Kirin Stardial75
3152778●Moonshard Stardial ●Moonshard Stardial90
3252975Apeleap Stardial Apeleap Stardial90
3353015Refined Apeleap Stardial Refined Apeleap Stardial90
3453028Deicide Stardial Deicide Stardial90
3553065Glowing Twilight Stardial Glowing Twilight Stardial90
3653095Origin Grace Stardial Origin Grace Stardial90
3753101Essence Lust Stardial Essence Lust Stardial90
3853106Void Scourge Stardial Void Scourge Stardial90
3953113Hellbound Evolution Stardial Hellbound Evolution Stardial90
4053119Shrewd Jadepad Stardial Shrewd Jadepad Stardial90
4153124Wild Avatar Stardial Wild Avatar Stardial90
4254570Sina·H. Evolution Stardial Sina·H. Evolution Stardial90
4354573Tencent·H. Evolution Stardial Tencent·H. Evolution Stardial90
4454576Duowan·H. Evolution Stardial Duowan·H. Evolution Stardial90
455457917173·H. Evolution Stardial 17173·H. Evolution Stardial90
4658093★Abyss Evolution Stardial ★Abyss Evolution Stardial90
4752785●Windswimmer Stardial ●Windswimmer Stardial105
4852982Lightbath Stardial Lightbath Stardial105
4953016Refined Lightbath Stardial Refined Lightbath Stardial105
5053060Sorrowful Farewell Stardial Sorrowful Farewell Stardial105
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