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# Name Level Type
1Cloudpainter Brush Cloudpainter Brush15
2Refined Cloudpainter Brush Refined Cloudpainter Brush15
3Pristine Cloudpainter Brush Pristine Cloudpainter Brush15
4Ethereal Cloudpainter Brush Ethereal Cloudpainter Brush15
5Moonbeam Brush Moonbeam Brush30
6Refined Moonbeam Brush Refined Moonbeam Brush30
7Moonrend Brush Moonrend Brush30
8Pristine Moonbeam Brush Pristine Moonbeam Brush30
9Moongleam Brush Moongleam Brush30
10Login int. Psychea big weapon Login int. Psychea big weapon30
11Sun Streaked Brush Sun Streaked Brush45
12Refined Sun Streaked Brush Refined Sun Streaked Brush45
13Sun Streaked Brush Sun Streaked Brush45
14Sunfaded Brush Sunfaded Brush45
15Sunfaded Brush Sunfaded Brush45
16Fireball Brush Fireball Brush60
17Refined Fireball Brush Refined Fireball Brush60
18Fireball Brush Fireball Brush60
19Pristine Fireball Brush Pristine Fireball Brush60
20Comet Tail Brush Comet Tail Brush60
21Comet Tail Brush Comet Tail Brush60
22Star Trail Brush Star Trail Brush60
23●Evening Star Brush ●Evening Star Brush75
24Star Bright Brush Star Bright Brush75
25Refined Star Bright Brush Refined Star Bright Brush75
26Star Bright Brush Star Bright Brush75
27Pristine Star Bright Brush Pristine Star Bright Brush75
28Essence Star Brush Essence Star Brush75
29Spirit Star Brush Spirit Star Brush75
30Abyss Star Brush Abyss Star Brush75
31Dark Star Brush Dark Star Brush75
32●Antimatter Brush ●Antimatter Brush90
33Asteroid Brush Asteroid Brush90
34Refined Asteroid Brush Refined Asteroid Brush90
35Asteroid Brush Asteroid Brush90
36Dark Matter Brush Dark Matter Brush90
37Essence Pulsar Brush Essence Pulsar Brush90
38Spirit Pulsar Brush Spirit Pulsar Brush90
39Void Pulsar Brush Void Pulsar Brush90
40Abyss Pulsar Brush Abyss Pulsar Brush90
41Dark Pulsar Brush Dark Pulsar Brush90
42Wild Pulsar Brush Wild Pulsar Brush90
43★Abyss Figureless Brush ★Abyss Figureless Brush90
44★Abyss Figureless Brush ★Abyss Figureless Brush90
45★Abyss Figureless Brush ★Abyss Figureless Brush90
46★Abyss Figureless Brush ★Abyss Figureless Brush90
47★Abyss Figureless Brush ★Abyss Figureless Brush90
48●Bear Paw Brush ●Bear Paw Brush105
49Fine Fur Brush Fine Fur Brush105
50Refined Fine Fur Brush Refined Fine Fur Brush105
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