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# ID Name Level Type
1386Traveler Armor♂ Traveler Armor♂15
2466Traveler Armor♀ Traveler Armor♀15
35584Ardent Traveler Armor♂ Ardent Traveler Armor♂15
45585Ardent Traveler Armor♀ Ardent Traveler Armor♀15
513723N/A昆仑声望装100级合欢派甲男 N/A昆仑声望装100级合欢派甲男15
613724N/A昆仑声望装100级合欢派甲女 N/A昆仑声望装100级合欢派甲女15
724322Refined Traveler Armor Refined Traveler Armor15
842094N/A封神初等合欢派甲男 N/A封神初等合欢派甲男15
942095N/A封神初等合欢派甲女 N/A封神初等合欢派甲女15
1046267Essence Shadow Shirt♂ Essence Shadow Shirt♂15
1146277Essence Shadow Shirt♀ Essence Shadow Shirt♀15
12387Reinforced Armor♂ Reinforced Armor♂30
13467Reinforced Armor♀ Reinforced Armor♀30
142772Ardent Reinforced Armor♂ Ardent Reinforced Armor♂30
152880Ardent Reinforced Armor♀ Ardent Reinforced Armor♀30
163590Astute Reinforced Armor♂ Astute Reinforced Armor♂30
173620Fervent Reinforced Armor♂ Fervent Reinforced Armor♂30
183623Vacuous Reinforced Armor♂ Vacuous Reinforced Armor♂30
193743Astute Reinforced Armor♀ Astute Reinforced Armor♀30
203746Fervent Reinforced Armor♀ Fervent Reinforced Armor♀30
213749Vacuous Reinforced Armor♀ Vacuous Reinforced Armor♀30
223882Wary Reinforced Armor♂ Wary Reinforced Armor♂30
233935Wary Reinforced Armor♀ Wary Reinforced Armor♀30
2424323Refined Reinforced Armor Refined Reinforced Armor30
2546268Essence Delusion Shirt♂ Essence Delusion Shirt♂30
2646278Essence Delusion Shirt♀ Essence Delusion Shirt♀30
27388Aqua Armor♂ Aqua Armor♂45
28468Aqua Armor♀ Aqua Armor♀45
292773Ardent Aqua Armor♂ Ardent Aqua Armor♂45
302881Ardent Aqua Armor♀ Ardent Aqua Armor♀45
313591Astute Aqua Armor♂ Astute Aqua Armor♂45
323621Fervent Aqua Armor♂ Fervent Aqua Armor♂45
333624Vacuous Aqua Armor♂ Vacuous Aqua Armor♂45
343744Astute Aqua Armor♀ Astute Aqua Armor♀45
353747Fervent Aqua Armor♀ Fervent Aqua Armor♀45
363750Vacuous Aqua Armor♀ Vacuous Aqua Armor♀45
373883Wary Aqua Armor♂ Wary Aqua Armor♂45
383936Wary Aqua Armor♀ Wary Aqua Armor♀45
3916485Aqua Armor♂ Aqua Armor♂45
4016486Aqua Armor♀ Aqua Armor♀45
4124324Refined Aqua Shirt Refined Aqua Shirt45
4246269Essence Wildanger Shirt♂ Essence Wildanger Shirt♂45
4346279Essence Wildanger Shirt♀ Essence Wildanger Shirt♀45
44389Lunarshade Armor♂ Lunarshade Armor♂60
45469Lunarshade Armor♀ Lunarshade Armor♀60
462774Ardent Lunarshade Armor♂ Ardent Lunarshade Armor♂60
472882Ardent Lunarshade Armor♀ Ardent Lunarshade Armor♀60
483013Nickelflare Armor♂ Nickelflare Armor♂60
493097Nickelflare Armor♀ Nickelflare Armor♀60
503592Astute Lunarshade Armor♂ Astute Lunarshade Armor♂60
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