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# ID Name Level Type
135019Ironblade Scythe Ironblade Scythe15
236530Ardent Ironblade Scythe Ardent Ironblade Scythe15
336540Sturdy Ironblade Scythe Sturdy Ironblade Scythe15
436565Refined Ironblade Scythe Refined Ironblade Scythe15
536597Sharpened Ironblade Scythe Sharpened Ironblade Scythe15
636614Fine Ironblade Scythe Fine Ironblade Scythe15
736619Fine Ironblade Scythe Fine Ironblade Scythe15
847788Essence Guilt Scythe Essence Guilt Scythe15
935020Feralfang Scythe Feralfang Scythe30
1036531Ardent Feralfang Scythe Ardent Feralfang Scythe30
1136541Sturdy Feralfang Scythe Sturdy Feralfang Scythe30
1236550Astute Feralfang Scythe Astute Feralfang Scythe30
1336566Refined Feralfang Scythe Refined Feralfang Scythe30
1436598Frenzy Feralfang Scythe Frenzy Feralfang Scythe30
1536613Elegant Feralfang Scythe Elegant Feralfang Scythe30
1636620Fine Feralfang Scythe Fine Feralfang Scythe30
1736624Secret Feralfang Scythe Secret Feralfang Scythe30
1847789Essence Vanish Scythe Essence Vanish Scythe30
1935021Figureless Scythe Figureless Scythe45
2036525Figureless Scythe Figureless Scythe45
2136532Ardent Figureless Scythe Ardent Figureless Scythe45
2236542Sturdy Figureless Scythe Sturdy Figureless Scythe45
2336551Astute Figureless Scythe Astute Figureless Scythe45
2436567Refined Figureless Scythe Refined Figureless Scythe45
2536599Cultured Figureless Scythe Cultured Figureless Scythe45
2636621Fine Figureless Scythe Fine Figureless Scythe45
2747790Essence Heavenly Scythe Essence Heavenly Scythe45
2835022Bloodrain Scythe Bloodrain Scythe60
2936526Bloodrain Scythe Bloodrain Scythe60
3036533Ardent Bloodrain Scythe Ardent Bloodrain Scythe60
3136543Sturdy Bloodrain Scythe Sturdy Bloodrain Scythe60
3236552Astute Bloodrain Scythe Astute Bloodrain Scythe60
3336558Chromatic Purplefire Scythe Chromatic Purplefire Scythe60
3436568Refined Bloodrain Scythe Refined Bloodrain Scythe60
3536576Mercyshine Scythe Mercyshine Scythe60
3636583Souleater Scythe Souleater Scythe60
3736590Soulcrusher Scythe Soulcrusher Scythe60
3836600Bloodsuck Scythe Bloodsuck Scythe60
3936607Lonely Death Scythe Lonely Death Scythe60
4036622Fine Bloodrain Scythe Fine Bloodrain Scythe60
4136625Secret Bloodrain Scythe Secret Bloodrain Scythe60
4247791Essence Balance Scythe Essence Balance Scythe60
4347809Abyss Reverseskill Scythe Abyss Reverseskill Scythe60
4435023Heartcut Scythe Heartcut Scythe75
4536527Heartcut Scythe Heartcut Scythe75
4636534Ardent Heartcut Scythe Ardent Heartcut Scythe75
4736544Sturdy Heartcut Scythe Sturdy Heartcut Scythe75
4836553Astute Heartcut Scythe Astute Heartcut Scythe75
4936559Chromatic Hellfire Scythe Chromatic Hellfire Scythe75
5036569Refined Heartcut Scythe Refined Heartcut Scythe75
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