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# ID Name Level Type
198410Pure South Shoes♀ Pure South Shoes♀15
298411Pure South Shoes♂ Pure South Shoes♂15
398802Essence Commended Shoes♀ Essence Commended Shoes♀15
498803Essence Commended Shoes♂ Essence Commended Shoes♂15
599472Test Shoes Test Shoes15
699530Test 1 Test 115
798418Chaotic Shoes♀ Chaotic Shoes♀30
898419Chaotic Shoes♂ Chaotic Shoes♂30
998809Essence Seashore Shoes♀ Essence Seashore Shoes♀30
1098810Essence Seashore Shoes♂ Essence Seashore Shoes♂30
1198425Condemned Shoes♀ Condemned Shoes♀45
1298426Condemned Shoes♂ Condemned Shoes♂45
1398816Essence Mash Shoes♀ Essence Mash Shoes♀45
1498817Essence Mash Shoes♂ Essence Mash Shoes♂45
1599108Condemned Shoes♀ Condemned Shoes♀45
1699109Condemned Shoes♂ Condemned Shoes♂45
1798432Allotment Shoes♀ Allotment Shoes♀60
1898433Allotment Shoes♂ Allotment Shoes♂60
1998823Essence Islet Shoes♀ Essence Islet Shoes♀60
2098824Essence Islet Shoes♂ Essence Islet Shoes♂60
2198987Abyss Veda Shoes♀ Abyss Veda Shoes♀60
2298988Abyss Veda Shoes♂ Abyss Veda Shoes♂60
2399115Allotment Shoes♀ Allotment Shoes♀60
2499116Allotment Shoes♂ Allotment Shoes♂60
2598439Virtue Shoes♀ Virtue Shoes♀75
2698440Virtue Shoes♂ Virtue Shoes♂75
2798501● Unyielding Dream Boots♀ ● Unyielding Dream Boots♀75
2898502● Unyielding Dream Boots♂ ● Unyielding Dream Boots♂75
2998830Essence Fragrance Shoes♀ Essence Fragrance Shoes♀75
3098831Essence Fragrance Shoes♂ Essence Fragrance Shoes♂75
3198872Spirit Burden Shoes♀ Spirit Burden Shoes♀75
3298873Spirit Burden Shoes♂ Spirit Burden Shoes♂75
3398994Abyss Frigid Shoes♀ Abyss Frigid Shoes♀75
3498995Abyss Frigid Shoes♂ Abyss Frigid Shoes♂75
3599036Dark Elated Shoes♀ Dark Elated Shoes♀75
3699037Dark Elated Shoes♂ Dark Elated Shoes♂75
3799122Virtue Shoes♀ Virtue Shoes♀75
3899123Virtue Shoes♂ Virtue Shoes♂75
3998446Goosefoot Shoes♀ Goosefoot Shoes♀90
4098447Goosefoot Shoes♂ Goosefoot Shoes♂90
4198508● Flowing Jade Boots♀ ● Flowing Jade Boots♀90
4298509● Flowing Jade Boots♂ ● Flowing Jade Boots♂90
4398837Essence Jasper Shoes♀ Essence Jasper Shoes♀90
4498838Essence Jasper Shoes♂ Essence Jasper Shoes♂90
4598879Soul Descendant Shoes♀ Soul Descendant Shoes♀90
4698880Soul Descendant Shoes♂ Soul Descendant Shoes♂90
4798914Void Blossom Shoes♀ Void Blossom Shoes♀90
4898915Void Blossom Shoes♂ Void Blossom Shoes♂90
4999001Abyss Ascarya Shoes♀ Abyss Ascarya Shoes♀90
5099002Abyss Ascarya Shoes♂ Abyss Ascarya Shoes♂90
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