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# ID Name Level Type
178775Plain Silk Crown♀ Plain Silk Crown♀15
278776Plain Silk Crown♂ Plain Silk Crown♂15
378881Essence Silk Hat♀ Essence Silk Hat♀15
478882Essence Silk Hat♂ Essence Silk Hat♂15
578777Blackened Crown♀ Blackened Crown♀30
678778Blackened Crown♂ Blackened Crown♂30
778883Essence Strange Crown♀ Essence Strange Crown♀30
878884Essence Strange Crown♂ Essence Strange Crown♂30
978779Blue Wave Crown♀ Blue Wave Crown♀45
1078780Blue Wave Crown♂ Blue Wave Crown♂45
1178885Essence Linen Crown♀ Essence Linen Crown♀45
1278886Essence Linen Crown♂ Essence Linen Crown♂45
1378953Blue Wave Crown♀ Blue Wave Crown♀45
1478954Blue Wave Crown♂ Blue Wave Crown♂45
1578781Wormwood Crown♀ Wormwood Crown♀60
1678782Wormwood Crown♂ Wormwood Crown♂60
1778887Essence Luminous Crown♀ Essence Luminous Crown♀60
1878888Essence Luminous Crown♂ Essence Luminous Crown♂60
1978923Abyss Mist Crown♀ Abyss Mist Crown♀60
2078924Abyss Mist Crown♂ Abyss Mist Crown♂60
2178955Wormwood Crown♀ Wormwood Crown♀60
2278956Wormwood Crown♂ Wormwood Crown♂60
2378783Written Ink Crown♀ Written Ink Crown♀75
2478784Written Ink Crown♂ Written Ink Crown♂75
2578799●Bamboo Knot Crown♀ ●Bamboo Knot Crown♀75
2678800●Bamboo Knot Crown♂ ●Bamboo Knot Crown♂75
2778889Essence Satin Crown♀ Essence Satin Crown♀75
2878890Essence Satin Crown♂ Essence Satin Crown♂75
2978901Spirit Colliding Jade Crown♀ Spirit Colliding Jade Crown♀75
3078902Spirit Colliding Jade Crown♂ Spirit Colliding Jade Crown♂75
3178925Abyss Falling Hail Crown♀ Abyss Falling Hail Crown♀75
3278926Abyss Falling Hail Crown♂ Abyss Falling Hail Crown♂75
3378937Dark Morning Flowers Crown♀ Dark Morning Flowers Crown♀75
3478938Dark Morning Flowers Crown♂ Dark Morning Flowers Crown♂75
3578957Written Ink Crown♀ Written Ink Crown♀75
3678958Written Ink Crown♂ Written Ink Crown♂75
3778785Coarse Unfasten Crown♀ Coarse Unfasten Crown♀90
3878786Coarse Unfasten Crown♂ Coarse Unfasten Crown♂90
3978801●Evergreen Elegance Crown♀ ●Evergreen Elegance Crown♀90
4078802●Evergreen Elegance Crown♂ ●Evergreen Elegance Crown♂90
4178891Essence Heartening Crown♀ Essence Heartening Crown♀90
4278892Essence Heartening Crown♂ Essence Heartening Crown♂90
4378903Spirit Chain Crown♀ Spirit Chain Crown♀90
4478904Spirit Chain Crown♂ Spirit Chain Crown♂90
4578913Void Shining Crown♀ Void Shining Crown♀90
4678914Void Shining Crown♂ Void Shining Crown♂90
4778927Abyss Ceremonial Crown♀ Abyss Ceremonial Crown♀90
4878928Abyss Ceremonial Crown♂ Abyss Ceremonial Crown♂90
4978939Dark Fighting Grass Crown♀ Dark Fighting Grass Crown♀90
5078940Dark Fighting Grass Crown♂ Dark Fighting Grass Crown♂90
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