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# Name Level Type
1n/a2015八周年礼包-戒指1-作废 n/a2015八周年礼包-戒指1-作废-
2N/A测试技能用项链01A N/A测试技能用项链01A1
3N/A测试技能用项链01B N/A测试技能用项链01B1
4N/A测试技能用项链02A N/A测试技能用项链02A1
5N/A测试技能用项链02B N/A测试技能用项链02B1
6Windtrail Windtrail1
7Windtrail Windtrail1
8Tide: Windtrail Tide: Windtrail1
9Advent Advent1
10Streaming Light Streaming Light1
11Jade Teardrop Jade Teardrop1
12Advent·Return Advent·Return1
13Shadow Stalker Shadow Stalker10
14Shade of Bliss Shade of Bliss10
15Mirage Necklace Mirage Necklace10
16Tiger's Stare Tiger's Stare10
17Soundwave Necklace Soundwave Necklace10
18Jasperin Star Jasperin Star15
19Sky Challenger Courage Orb Sky Challenger Courage Orb15
20Mystic Bond Mystic Bond25
21Fuwa Affinity Fuwa Affinity25
22Call of the Immortal Call of the Immortal25
23Honored Breeze Chain Honored Breeze Chain25
24Honored Flame Chain Honored Flame Chain25
25Honored Mercy Chain Honored Mercy Chain25
26Honored Scarab Chain Honored Scarab Chain25
27Conquerer Necklace Conquerer Necklace25
28Necklace of Courage Necklace of Courage25
29Snow Star Snow Star30
30Necklace of the Arbiter Necklace of the Arbiter40
31Necklace of the Monarch Necklace of the Monarch40
32Dark Blight Dark Blight40
33Spirit Shelter Spirit Shelter40
34Source of Energy Source of Energy40
35Honored Breeze Chain Honored Breeze Chain40
36Honored Hero Chain Honored Hero Chain40
37Honored Healer Chain Honored Healer Chain40
38Honored Traquility Chain Honored Traquility Chain40
39Champion Necklace Champion Necklace40
40Mark of Righteousness Mark of Righteousness40
41Glory Necklace Glory Necklace45
42Sky Challenger Liberty Orb Sky Challenger Liberty Orb45
43Glory Necklace Glory Necklace50
44Demonheart Demonheart55
45Heart of Compassion Heart of Compassion55
46Starlight Necklace Starlight Necklace55
47Honored Sunray Chain Honored Sunray Chain55
48Honored Fang Chain Honored Fang Chain55
49Honored Vacuity Chain Honored Vacuity Chain55
50Honored Soulscream Chain Honored Soulscream Chain55
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