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# ID Name Level Type
198408Pure South Robe♀ Pure South Robe♀15
298409Pure South Robe♂ Pure South Robe♂15
398800Essence Commended Robe♀ Essence Commended Robe♀15
498801Essence Commended Robe♂ Essence Commended Robe♂15
599090Refined Pure South Robe Refined Pure South Robe15
699473Test Robe Test Robe15
799529Test Robe 1 Test Robe 115
898416Chaotic Robe♀ Chaotic Robe♀30
998417Chaotic Robe♂ Chaotic Robe♂30
1098807Essence Seashore Robe♀ Essence Seashore Robe♀30
1198808Essence Seashore Robe♂ Essence Seashore Robe♂30
1299091Refined Chaotic Robe Refined Chaotic Robe30
1398423Condemned Robe♀ Condemned Robe♀45
1498424Condemned Robe♂ Condemned Robe♂45
1598814Essence Mash Robe♀ Essence Mash Robe♀45
1698815Essence Mash Robe♂ Essence Mash Robe♂45
1799092Refined Condemned Robe Refined Condemned Robe45
1899106Condemned Robe♀ Condemned Robe♀45
1999107Condemned Robe♂ Condemned Robe♂45
2098430Allotment Robe♀ Allotment Robe♀60
2198431Allotment Robe♂ Allotment Robe♂60
2298821Essence Islet Robe♀ Essence Islet Robe♀60
2398822Essence Islet Robe♂ Essence Islet Robe♂60
2498985Abyss Veda Robe♀ Abyss Veda Robe♀60
2598986Abyss Veda Robe♂ Abyss Veda Robe♂60
2699093Refined Allotment Robe Refined Allotment Robe60
2799113Allotment Robe♀ Allotment Robe♀60
2899114Allotment Robe♂ Allotment Robe♂60
2998437Virtue Robe♀ Virtue Robe♀75
3098438Virtue Robe♂ Virtue Robe♂75
3198499● Unyielding Dream Robe♀ ● Unyielding Dream Robe♀75
3298500● Unyielding Dream Robe♂ ● Unyielding Dream Robe♂75
3398828Essence Fragrance Robe♀ Essence Fragrance Robe♀75
3498829Essence Fragrance Robe♂ Essence Fragrance Robe♂75
3598870Spirit Burden Robe♀ Spirit Burden Robe♀75
3698871Spirit Burden Robe♂ Spirit Burden Robe♂75
3798992Abyss Frigid Robe♀ Abyss Frigid Robe♀75
3898993Abyss Frigid Robe♂ Abyss Frigid Robe♂75
3999034Dark Elated Robe♀ Dark Elated Robe♀75
4099035Dark Elated Robe♂ Dark Elated Robe♂75
4199094Refined Virtue Robe Refined Virtue Robe75
4299120Virtue Robe♀ Virtue Robe♀75
4399121Virtue Robe♂ Virtue Robe♂75
4498444Goosefoot Robe♀ Goosefoot Robe♀90
4598445Goosefoot Robe♂ Goosefoot Robe♂90
4698506● Flowing Jade Robe♀ ● Flowing Jade Robe♀90
4798507● Flowing Jade Robe♂ ● Flowing Jade Robe♂90
4898835Essence Jasper Robe♀ Essence Jasper Robe♀90
4998836Essence Jasper Robe♂ Essence Jasper Robe♂90
5098877Spirit Descendant Robe♀ Spirit Descendant Robe♀90
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