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# Name Level Type
1Mirage Formation Mirage Formation1
2Flight Esper 01 Flight Esper 011
3Flight Esper 02 Flight Esper 021
4Flight Esper 03 Flight Esper 031
5Flight Esper 04 Flight Esper 041
6Flight Esper 05 Flight Esper 051
7Flight Esper 06 Flight Esper 061
8N/A测试飞宝3 N/A测试飞宝31
9N/A测试飞宝4 N/A测试飞宝41
10The Six Cycles The Six Cycles1
11Jiaolong Jiaolong1
12Golden Carp Golden Carp1
13N/A飞额飞 N/A飞额飞5
14N/A测试飞剑 N/A测试飞剑15
15Die Die15
16Dragon Speed Dragon Speed45
17Glister Glister45
18Cloud Shuttle Cloud Shuttle45
19Jaden Shock Jaden Shock45
20Nebula Lancet Nebula Lancet45
21Sky Lance Sky Lance45
22Violeray Violeray45
23Glister Glister45
24Onyx Fury Onyx Fury45
25N/A N/A45
26Ray Falcon Ray Falcon45
27Serenity Serenity45
28Fire Phoenix Fire Phoenix45
29Sky Melody Sky Melody45
30Nebula Lancet★ Nebula Lancet★45
31Sky Melody★ Sky Melody★45
32Nebula Lancet Nebula Lancet45
33Glister Glister45
34Fire Phoenix Fire Phoenix45
35Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl45
36Rotating Gourd Rotating Gourd45
37Dragon Speed Dragon Speed45
38Sky Lance Sky Lance45
39Nebula Lancet Nebula Lancet45
40Onyx Fury Onyx Fury45
41Darkwing Batlord Darkwing Batlord45
42Emerald Fire Emerald Fire45
43Garuda Garuda45
44Piano Blade Piano Blade45
45N/A2010春节飞剑夜枭 N/A2010春节飞剑夜枭45
46N/A2010春节飞剑火凤 N/A2010春节飞剑火凤45
47N/A2010春节飞剑天鹅 N/A2010春节飞剑天鹅45
48N/A2010春节飞剑战隼 N/A2010春节飞剑战隼45
49N/A升煌 N/A升煌45
50Eagle Wing Eagle Wing45
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