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# ID Name Level Type
159676Green Steel Boots Green Steel Boots15
259886Essence Stoneguard Boots Essence Stoneguard Boots15
359680Ornate Dragon Boots Ornate Dragon Boots30
459887Essence Demon Hunter Boots Essence Demon Hunter Boots30
559684Sunken Empire Boots Sunken Empire Boots45
659740Sunken Empire Boots Sunken Empire Boots45
759888Essence Graysteel Boots Essence Graysteel Boots45
859688Cloud Serpent Boots Cloud Serpent Boots60
959741Cloud Serpent Boots Cloud Serpent Boots60
1059889Essence Wrath Steel Boots Essence Wrath Steel Boots60
1159907Abyss Temple Guard Boots Abyss Temple Guard Boots60
1259582●Ashenflame Arcane Boots ●Ashenflame Arcane Boots75
1359692Dragon Coil Boots Dragon Coil Boots75
1459742Dragon Coil Boots Dragon Coil Boots75
1559890Essence Spinel Hewn Boots Essence Spinel Hewn Boots75
1659896Spirit Jasper Hewn Boots Spirit Jasper Hewn Boots75
1759908Abyss Garnet Hewn Boots Abyss Garnet Hewn Boots75
1859914Dark Ruby Hewn Boots Dark Ruby Hewn Boots75
1959586●Skyunity Sacred Boots ●Skyunity Sacred Boots90
2059696Battle Warg Boots Battle Warg Boots90
2159743Battle Warg Boots Battle Warg Boots90
2259765Savage Warg Boots Savage Warg Boots90
2359891Essence Astral Cleave Boots Essence Astral Cleave Boots90
2459897Spirit Astral Cleave Boots Spirit Astral Cleave Boots90
2559902Void Astral Cleave Boots Void Astral Cleave Boots90
2659909Abyss Divine Blizzard Boots Abyss Divine Blizzard Boots90
2759915Dark Divine Blizzard Boots Dark Divine Blizzard Boots90
2859920Wild Divine Blizzard Boots Wild Divine Blizzard Boots90
2959590●Skyscourge Dragon Boots ●Skyscourge Dragon Boots105
3059633□Skyscourge Dragon Boots □Skyscourge Dragon Boots105
3159700Sunbringer Boots Sunbringer Boots105
3259767Ethical Skyscar Boots Ethical Skyscar Boots105
3359768Glacial Skyscar Boots Glacial Skyscar Boots105
3459892Essence Ascension Boots Essence Ascension Boots105
3559898Spirit Rise Boots Spirit Rise Boots105
3659903Void Perdition Boots Void Perdition Boots105
3759910Abyss Descent Boots Abyss Descent Boots105
3859916Dark Indoctrination Boots Dark Indoctrination Boots105
3959921Wild Liberation Boots Wild Liberation Boots105
4059594●Lifetaker Hatred Boots ●Lifetaker Hatred Boots120
4159614○Lifetaker Hatred Boots ○Lifetaker Hatred Boots120
4259637□Lifetaker Hatred Boots □Lifetaker Hatred Boots120
4359704Demonslayer Boots Demonslayer Boots120
4459766Beastmaster Boots Beastmaster Boots120
4559893Essence Tyrant Lord Boots Essence Tyrant Lord Boots120
4659899Spirit Tyrant Regnant Boots Spirit Tyrant Regnant Boots120
4759904Void Tyrant Liege Boots Void Tyrant Liege Boots120
4859911Abyss Primal Rend Boots Abyss Primal Rend Boots120
4959917Dark Primal Claw Boots Dark Primal Claw Boots120
5059922Wild Blood Forge Boots Wild Blood Forge Boots120
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