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# ID Name Level Type
178318Level 105 Gevrin Shoes♂ Level 105 Gevrin Shoes♂-
278326Plain Silk Shoes♀ Plain Silk Shoes♀15
378327Plain Silk Shoes♂ Plain Silk Shoes♂15
478426A Type LV105 Sylia Armor♂ A Type LV105 Sylia Armor♂15
578435A Type LV15 Sylia Armor♂ A Type LV15 Sylia Armor♂15
678436Essence Silk Shoes♀ Essence Silk Shoes♀15
778437Essence Silk Shoes♂ Essence Silk Shoes♂15
878438A Type LV30 Sylia Armor♂ A Type LV30 Sylia Armor♂15
978441A Type LV45 Sylia Armor♂ A Type LV45 Sylia Armor♂15
1078444A Type LV60 Sylia Armor♂ A Type LV60 Sylia Armor♂15
1178447A Type LV75 Sylia Armor♂ A Type LV75 Sylia Armor♂15
1278450A Type LV90 Sylia Armor♂ A Type LV90 Sylia Armor♂15
1378328Blackened Shoes♀ Blackened Shoes♀30
1478329Blackened Shoes♂ Blackened Shoes♂30
1578439Essence Strange Shoes♀ Essence Strange Shoes♀30
1678440Essence Strange Shoes♂ Essence Strange Shoes♂30
1778330Blue Wave Shoes♀ Blue Wave Shoes♀45
1878331Blue Wave Shoes♂ Blue Wave Shoes♂45
1978442Essence Linen Shoes♀ Essence Linen Shoes♀45
2078443Essence Linen Shoes♂ Essence Linen Shoes♂45
2178515Blue Wave Shoes♀ Blue Wave Shoes♀45
2278516Blue Wave Shoes♂ Blue Wave Shoes♂45
2378332Wormwood Shoes♀ Wormwood Shoes♀60
2478333Wormwood Shoes♂ Wormwood Shoes♂60
2578445Essence Luminous Shoes♀ Essence Luminous Shoes♀60
2678446Essence Luminous Shoes♂ Essence Luminous Shoes♂60
2778484Abyss Mist Shoes♀ Abyss Mist Shoes♀60
2878485Abyss Mist Shoes♂ Abyss Mist Shoes♂60
2978517Wormwood Shoes♀ Wormwood Shoes♀60
3078518Wormwood Shoes♂ Wormwood Shoes♂60
3178334Written Ink Shoes♀ Written Ink Shoes♀75
3278335Written Ink Shoes♂ Written Ink Shoes♂75
3378350●Bamboo Knot Shoes♀ ●Bamboo Knot Shoes♀75
3478351●Bamboo Knot Shoes♂ ●Bamboo Knot Shoes♂75
3578448Essence Satin Shoes♀ Essence Satin Shoes♀75
3678449Essence Satin Shoes♂ Essence Satin Shoes♂75
3778461Spirit Colliding Jade Shoes♀ Spirit Colliding Jade Shoes♀75
3878462Spirit Colliding Jade Shoes♂ Spirit Colliding Jade Shoes♂75
3978486Abyss Falling Hail Shoes♀ Abyss Falling Hail Shoes♀75
4078487Abyss Falling Hail Shoes♂ Abyss Falling Hail Shoes♂75
4178499Dark Morning Flowers Shoes♀ Dark Morning Flowers Shoes♀75
4278500Dark Morning Flowers Shoes♂ Dark Morning Flowers Shoes♂75
4378519Written Ink Shoes♀ Written Ink Shoes♀75
4478520Written Ink Shoes♂ Written Ink Shoes♂75
4578336Coarse Unfasten Shoes♀ Coarse Unfasten Shoes♀90
4678337Coarse Unfasten Shoes♂ Coarse Unfasten Shoes♂90
4778352●Evergreen Elegance Shoes♀ ●Evergreen Elegance Shoes♀90
4878353●Evergreen Elegance Shoes♂ ●Evergreen Elegance Shoes♂90
4978451Essence Heartening Shoes♀ Essence Heartening Shoes♀90
5078452Essence Heartening Shoes♂ Essence Heartening Shoes♂90
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