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# Name Level Type
1Tungleaf Zither Tungleaf Zither15
2Ardent Tungleaf Zither Ardent Tungleaf Zither15
3Sturdy Tungleaf Zither Sturdy Tungleaf Zither15
4Refined Tungleaf Zither Refined Tungleaf Zither15
5Aspiration Tungleaf Zither Aspiration Tungleaf Zither15
6Tungleaf Zither Tungleaf Zither15
7Tungleaf Zither Tungleaf Zither15
8Essence Solar Zither Essence Solar Zither15
9Greenlustre Zither Greenlustre Zither30
10Ardent Greenlustre Zither Ardent Greenlustre Zither30
11Sturdy Greenlustre Zither Sturdy Greenlustre Zither30
12Astute Greenlustre Zither Astute Greenlustre Zither30
13Refined Greenlustre Zither Refined Greenlustre Zither30
14Revolution Greenlustre Zither Revolution Greenlustre Zither30
15Greenlustre Zither Greenlustre Zither30
16Greenlustre Zither Greenlustre Zither30
17Arcane Greenlustre Zither Arcane Greenlustre Zither30
18Essence Maple Zither Essence Maple Zither30
19Singingjade Zither Singingjade Zither45
20Singingjade Zither Singingjade Zither45
21Ardent Singingjade Zither Ardent Singingjade Zither45
22Sturdy Singingjade Zither Sturdy Singingjade Zither45
23Astute Singingjade Zither Astute Singingjade Zither45
24Refined Singingjade Zither Refined Singingjade Zither45
25Celecraft Singingjade Zither Celecraft Singingjade Zither45
26Singingjade Zither Singingjade Zither45
27Essence Sorrow Zither Essence Sorrow Zither45
28Echospring Zither Echospring Zither60
29Echospring Zither Echospring Zither60
30Ardent Echospring Zither Ardent Echospring Zither60
31Sturdy Echospring Zither Sturdy Echospring Zither60
32Astute Echospring Zither Astute Echospring Zither60
33Tranquil Purplefire Zither Tranquil Purplefire Zither60
34Refined Echospring Zither Refined Echospring Zither60
35Green Plume Zither Green Plume Zither60
36Clear Mount Zither Clear Mount Zither60
37Surf Zither Surf Zither60
38Splendid Time Zither Splendid Time Zither60
39Chanting Zither Chanting Zither60
40Echospring Zither Echospring Zither60
41Arcane Echospring Zither Arcane Echospring Zither60
42Essence Twilight Zither Essence Twilight Zither60
43Abyss Whitesun Zither Abyss Whitesun Zither60
44Phoenix Zither Phoenix Zither75
45Phoenix Zither Phoenix Zither75
46Ardent Phoenix Zither Ardent Phoenix Zither75
47Sturdy Phoenix Zither Sturdy Phoenix Zither75
48Astute Phoenix Zither Astute Phoenix Zither75
49Tranquil Hellfire Zither Tranquil Hellfire Zither75
50Refined Phoenix Zither Refined Phoenix Zither75
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