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# Name Level Type
1n/a测试破军武器 n/a测试破军武器15
2n/a测试破军武器2 n/a测试破军武器215
3Immortal's Halberd Immortal's Halberd15
4Refined Immortal's Halberd Refined Immortal's Halberd15
5Refined Iron Halberd Refined Iron Halberd15
6Essence Heavy Halberd Essence Heavy Halberd15
7Solaris Halberd Solaris Halberd30
8Refined Moonbeam Halberd Refined Moonbeam Halberd30
9Mystic Wingshaker Halberd Mystic Wingshaker Halberd30
10Coldtip Halberd Coldtip Halberd30
11Essence Saltpetre Halberd Essence Saltpetre Halberd30
12Emerald Flame Halberd Emerald Flame Halberd45
13Refined Emerald Flame Halberd Refined Emerald Flame Halberd45
14Emerald Flame Halberd Emerald Flame Halberd45
15Southern Halberd Southern Halberd45
16Essence Solemn Halberd Essence Solemn Halberd45
17Imperial Halberd Imperial Halberd60
18Refined Imperial Halberd Refined Imperial Halberd60
19Imperial Halberd Imperial Halberd60
20Mystic Grandeur Halberd Mystic Grandeur Halberd60
21Heedless Halberd Heedless Halberd60
22Essence Crag Halberd Essence Crag Halberd60
23Abyss Darkink Halberd Abyss Darkink Halberd60
24●Coldedge Halberd ●Coldedge Halberd75
25Shisa Halberd Shisa Halberd75
26Refined Shisa Halberd Refined Shisa Halberd75
27Shisa Halberd Shisa Halberd75
28Shapeless Halberd Shapeless Halberd75
29Essence Conquer Halberd Essence Conquer Halberd75
30Spirit Dunting Halberd Spirit Dunting Halberd75
31Abyss Morningfrost Halberd Abyss Morningfrost Halberd75
32Shrewd Whirldwind Halberd Shrewd Whirldwind Halberd75
33●Pinewing Heavy Halberd ●Pinewing Heavy Halberd90
34Devourer Halberd Devourer Halberd90
35Refined Devourer Halberd Refined Devourer Halberd90
36Devourer Halberd Devourer Halberd90
37Soulbane Warg Halberd Soulbane Warg Halberd90
38Essence Slice Halberd Essence Slice Halberd90
39Spirit Melting Halberd Spirit Melting Halberd90
40Void Riveting Halberd Void Riveting Halberd90
41Abyss Polaris Halberd Abyss Polaris Halberd90
42Shrewd Soulstar Halberd Shrewd Soulstar Halberd90
43Wild Shrieking Halberd Wild Shrieking Halberd90
44★Abyss Polaris Halberd ★Abyss Polaris Halberd90
45Duowan·Abyss Polaris Halberd Duowan·Abyss Polaris Halberd90
46Tencent·Abyss Polaris Halberd Tencent·Abyss Polaris Halberd90
47Wangyi·Abyss Polaris Halberd Wangyi·Abyss Polaris Halberd90
48Sina·Abyss Polaris Halberd Sina·Abyss Polaris Halberd90
49●Negativity Light Halberd ●Negativity Light Halberd105
50Painmaker Halberd Painmaker Halberd105
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