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# ID Name Level Type
163482n/a测试破军武器 n/a测试破军武器15
263484n/a测试破军武器2 n/a测试破军武器215
363827Immortal's Halberd Immortal's Halberd15
463897Refined Immortal's Halberd Refined Immortal's Halberd15
563942Refined Iron Halberd Refined Iron Halberd15
663977Essence Heavy Halberd Essence Heavy Halberd15
763834Solaris Halberd Solaris Halberd30
863898Refined Moonbeam Halberd Refined Moonbeam Halberd30
963940Mystic Wingshaker Halberd Mystic Wingshaker Halberd30
1063943Coldtip Halberd Coldtip Halberd30
1163978Essence Saltpetre Halberd Essence Saltpetre Halberd30
1263841Emerald Flame Halberd Emerald Flame Halberd45
1363899Refined Emerald Flame Halberd Refined Emerald Flame Halberd45
1463912Emerald Flame Halberd Emerald Flame Halberd45
1563944Southern Halberd Southern Halberd45
1663979Essence Solemn Halberd Essence Solemn Halberd45
1763848Imperial Halberd Imperial Halberd60
1863900Refined Imperial Halberd Refined Imperial Halberd60
1963913Imperial Halberd Imperial Halberd60
2063941Mystic Grandeur Halberd Mystic Grandeur Halberd60
2163945Heedless Halberd Heedless Halberd60
2263980Essence Crag Halberd Essence Crag Halberd60
2363998Abyss Darkink Halberd Abyss Darkink Halberd60
2463658●Coldedge Halberd ●Coldedge Halberd75
2563855Shisa Halberd Shisa Halberd75
2663901Refined Shisa Halberd Refined Shisa Halberd75
2763914Shisa Halberd Shisa Halberd75
2863946Shapeless Halberd Shapeless Halberd75
2963981Essence Conquer Halberd Essence Conquer Halberd75
3063987Spirit Dunting Halberd Spirit Dunting Halberd75
3163999Abyss Morningfrost Halberd Abyss Morningfrost Halberd75
3264005Shrewd Whirldwind Halberd Shrewd Whirldwind Halberd75
3363665●Pinewing Heavy Halberd ●Pinewing Heavy Halberd90
3463862Devourer Halberd Devourer Halberd90
3563902Refined Devourer Halberd Refined Devourer Halberd90
3663915Devourer Halberd Devourer Halberd90
3763952Soulbane Warg Halberd Soulbane Warg Halberd90
3863982Essence Slice Halberd Essence Slice Halberd90
3963988Spirit Melting Halberd Spirit Melting Halberd90
4063993Void Riveting Halberd Void Riveting Halberd90
4164000Abyss Polaris Halberd Abyss Polaris Halberd90
4264006Shrewd Soulstar Halberd Shrewd Soulstar Halberd90
4364011Wild Shrieking Halberd Wild Shrieking Halberd90
4465589★Abyss Polaris Halberd ★Abyss Polaris Halberd90
4565592Duowan·Abyss Polaris Halberd Duowan·Abyss Polaris Halberd90
4665595Tencent·Abyss Polaris Halberd Tencent·Abyss Polaris Halberd90
4765598Wangyi·Abyss Polaris Halberd Wangyi·Abyss Polaris Halberd90
4865601Sina·Abyss Polaris Halberd Sina·Abyss Polaris Halberd90
4963672●Negativity Light Halberd ●Negativity Light Halberd105
5063869Painmaker Halberd Painmaker Halberd105
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