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# ID Name Level Type
1396Dewdrop Robe♂ Dewdrop Robe♂15
2476Dewdrop Robe♀ Dewdrop Robe♀15
35586Ardent Dewdrop Robe♂ Ardent Dewdrop Robe♂15
45587Ardent Dewdrop Robe♀ Ardent Dewdrop Robe♀15
513725N/A昆仑声望装100级青云门袍男 N/A昆仑声望装100级青云门袍男15
613726N/A昆仑声望装100级青云门袍女 N/A昆仑声望装100级青云门袍女15
724283Refined Dewdrop Robe Refined Dewdrop Robe15
842102N/A封神初等青云门甲男 N/A封神初等青云门甲男15
942103N/A封神初等青云门甲女 N/A封神初等青云门甲女15
1046540Essence Sturdy Robe♂ Essence Sturdy Robe♂15
1146550Essence Sturdy Robe♀ Essence Sturdy Robe♀15
12397Moonlight Robe♂ Moonlight Robe♂30
13477Moonlight Robe♀ Moonlight Robe♀30
142781Ardent Moonlight Robe♂ Ardent Moonlight Robe♂30
152888Ardent Moonlight Robe♀ Ardent Moonlight Robe♀30
163593Astute Moonlight Robe♂ Astute Moonlight Robe♂30
173629Fervent Moonlight Robe♂ Fervent Moonlight Robe♂30
183632Vacuous Moonlight Robe♂ Vacuous Moonlight Robe♂30
193755Astute Moonlight Robe♀ Astute Moonlight Robe♀30
203758Fervent Moonlight Robe♀ Fervent Moonlight Robe♀30
213761Vacuous Moonlight Robe♀ Vacuous Moonlight Robe♀30
223886Wary Moonlight Robe♂ Wary Moonlight Robe♂30
233939Wary Moonlight Robe♀ Wary Moonlight Robe♀30
2424284Refined Moonlight Robe Refined Moonlight Robe30
2546541Essence Ancestral Robe♂ Essence Ancestral Robe♂30
2646551Essence Ancestral Robe♀ Essence Ancestral Robe♀30
27398Skywalk Robe♂ Skywalk Robe♂45
28478Skywalk Robe♀ Skywalk Robe♀45
292782Ardent Skywalk Robe♂ Ardent Skywalk Robe♂45
302889Ardent Skywalk Robe♀ Ardent Skywalk Robe♀45
313594Astute Skywalk Robe♂ Astute Skywalk Robe♂45
323630Fervent Skywalk Robe♂ Fervent Skywalk Robe♂45
333633Vacuous Skywalk Robe♂ Vacuous Skywalk Robe♂45
343756Astute Skywalk Robe♀ Astute Skywalk Robe♀45
353759Fervent Skywalk Robe♀ Fervent Skywalk Robe♀45
363762Vacuous Skywalk Robe♀ Vacuous Skywalk Robe♀45
373887Wary Skywalk Robe♂ Wary Skywalk Robe♂45
383940Wary Skywalk Robe♀ Wary Skywalk Robe♀45
3916489Skywalk Robe♂ Skywalk Robe♂45
4016490Skywalk Robe♀ Skywalk Robe♀45
4124285Refined Skywalk Robe Refined Skywalk Robe45
4246542Essence Rainbow Robe♂ Essence Rainbow Robe♂45
4346552Essence Rainbow Robe♀ Essence Rainbow Robe♀45
44399Mystic Robe♂ Mystic Robe♂60
45479Mystic Robe♀ Mystic Robe♀60
462783Ardent Mystic Robe♂ Ardent Mystic Robe♂60
472890Ardent Mystic Robe♀ Ardent Mystic Robe♀60
483020Velvetex Robe♂ Velvetex Robe♂60
493104Velvetex Robe♀ Velvetex Robe♀60
503595Astute Mystic Robe♂ Astute Mystic Robe♂60
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