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# ID Name Level Type
135070Ethereal Shoes♂ Ethereal Shoes♂15
235071Ethereal Shoes♀ Ethereal Shoes♀15
337343Ardent Ethereal Shoes♂ Ardent Ethereal Shoes♂15
437344Ardent Ethereal Shoes♀ Ardent Ethereal Shoes♀15
542122N/A封神初等天华靴男 N/A封神初等天华靴男15
642123N/A封神初等天华靴女 N/A封神初等天华靴女15
747710Essence Jade Shoes♂ Essence Jade Shoes♂15
847720Essence Jade Shoes♀ Essence Jade Shoes♀15
935072Jadesilk Shoes♂ Jadesilk Shoes♂30
1035073Jadesilk Shoes♀ Jadesilk Shoes♀30
1137345Ardent Jadesilk Shoes♂ Ardent Jadesilk Shoes♂30
1237346Ardent Jadesilk Shoes♀ Ardent Jadesilk Shoes♀30
1337363Wary Jadesilk Shoes♂ Wary Jadesilk Shoes♂30
1437364Wary Jadesilk Shoes♀ Wary Jadesilk Shoes♀30
1537409Fervent Jadesilk Shoes♂ Fervent Jadesilk Shoes♂30
1637410Fervent Jadesilk Shoes♀ Fervent Jadesilk Shoes♀30
1737441Vacuous Jadesilk Shoes♂ Vacuous Jadesilk Shoes♂30
1837442Vacuous Jadesilk Shoes♀ Vacuous Jadesilk Shoes♀30
1937459Astute Jadesilk Shoes♂ Astute Jadesilk Shoes♂30
2037460Astute Jadesilk Shoes♀ Astute Jadesilk Shoes♀30
2147711Essence Faith Shoes♂ Essence Faith Shoes♂30
2247721Essence Faith Shoes♀ Essence Faith Shoes♀30
2335074Feathersand Shoes♂ Feathersand Shoes♂45
2435075Feathersand Shoes♀ Feathersand Shoes♀45
2537333Feathersand Shoes♂ Feathersand Shoes♂45
2637334Feathersand Shoes♀ Feathersand Shoes♀45
2737347Ardent Feathersand Shoes♂ Ardent Feathersand Shoes♂45
2837348Ardent Feathersand Shoes♀ Ardent Feathersand Shoes♀45
2937365Wary Feathersand Shoes♂ Wary Feathersand Shoes♂45
3037366Wary Feathersand Shoes♀ Wary Feathersand Shoes♀45
3137411Fervent Feathersand Shoes♂ Fervent Feathersand Shoes♂45
3237412Fervent Feathersand Shoes♀ Fervent Feathersand Shoes♀45
3337443Vacuous Feathersand Shoes♂ Vacuous Feathersand Shoes♂45
3437444Vacuous Feathersand Shoes♀ Vacuous Feathersand Shoes♀45
3537461Astute Feathersand Shoes♂ Astute Feathersand Shoes♂45
3637462Astute Feathersand Shoes♀ Astute Feathersand Shoes♀45
3747712Essence Hope Shoes♂ Essence Hope Shoes♂45
3847722Essence Hope Shoes♀ Essence Hope Shoes♀45
3935076Avalanche Shoes♂ Avalanche Shoes♂60
4035077Avalanche Shoes♀ Avalanche Shoes♀60
4137335Avalanche Shoes♂ Avalanche Shoes♂60
4237336Avalanche Shoes♀ Avalanche Shoes♀60
4337349Ardent Avalanche Shoes♂ Ardent Avalanche Shoes♂60
4437350Ardent Avalanche Shoes♀ Ardent Avalanche Shoes♀60
4537367Wary Avalanche Shoes♂ Wary Avalanche Shoes♂60
4637368Wary Avalanche Shoes♀ Wary Avalanche Shoes♀60
4737381Arcanum Avalanche Shoes♂ Arcanum Avalanche Shoes♂60
4837382Arcanum Avalanche Shoes♀ Arcanum Avalanche Shoes♀60
4937395Valiant Avalanche Shoes♂ Valiant Avalanche Shoes♂60
5037396Valiant Avalanche Shoes♀ Valiant Avalanche Shoes♀60
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