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# Name Level Type
1Green Steel Helm Green Steel Helm15
2Essence Stoneguard Helm Essence Stoneguard Helm15
3Ornate Dragon Helm Ornate Dragon Helm30
4Essence Demon Hunter Helm Essence Demon Hunter Helm30
5Sunken Empire Helm Sunken Empire Helm45
6Sunken Empire Helm Sunken Empire Helm45
7Essence Graysteel Helm Essence Graysteel Helm45
8Cloud Serpent Helm Cloud Serpent Helm60
9Cloud Serpent Helm Cloud Serpent Helm60
10Essence Wrath Steel Helm Essence Wrath Steel Helm60
11Abyss Temple Guard Helm Abyss Temple Guard Helm60
12●Ashenflame Arcane Helm ●Ashenflame Arcane Helm75
13Dragon Coil Helm Dragon Coil Helm75
14Dragon Coil Helm Dragon Coil Helm75
15Essence Spinel Hewn Helm Essence Spinel Hewn Helm75
16Spirit Jasper Hewn Helm Spirit Jasper Hewn Helm75
17Abyss Garnet Hewn Helm Abyss Garnet Hewn Helm75
18Dark Ruby Hewn Helm Dark Ruby Hewn Helm75
19●Skyunity Sacred Helm ●Skyunity Sacred Helm90
20Battle Warg Helm Battle Warg Helm90
21Battle Warg Helm Battle Warg Helm90
22Savage Warg Helm Savage Warg Helm90
23Essence Astral Cleave Helm Essence Astral Cleave Helm90
24Spirit Astral Cleave Helm Spirit Astral Cleave Helm90
25Void Astral Cleave Helm Void Astral Cleave Helm90
26Abyss Divine Blizzard Helm Abyss Divine Blizzard Helm90
27Dark Divine Blizzard Helm Dark Divine Blizzard Helm90
28Wild Divine Blizzard Helm Wild Divine Blizzard Helm90
29●Skyscourge Dragon Helm ●Skyscourge Dragon Helm105
30□Skyscourge Dragon Helm □Skyscourge Dragon Helm105
31Sunbringer Helm Sunbringer Helm105
32Ethical Skyscar Helm Ethical Skyscar Helm105
33Glacial Skyscar Helm Glacial Skyscar Helm105
34Essence Ascension Helm Essence Ascension Helm105
35Spirit Rise Helm Spirit Rise Helm105
36Void Perdition Helm Void Perdition Helm105
37Abyss Descent Helm Abyss Descent Helm105
38Dark Indoctrination Helm Dark Indoctrination Helm105
39Wild Liberation Helm Wild Liberation Helm105
40●Lifetaker Hatred Helm ●Lifetaker Hatred Helm120
41○Lifetaker Hatred Helm ○Lifetaker Hatred Helm120
42□Lifetaker Hatred Helm □Lifetaker Hatred Helm120
43Demonslayer Helm Demonslayer Helm120
44Beastmaster Helm Beastmaster Helm120
45Essence Tyrant Lord Helm Essence Tyrant Lord Helm120
46Spirit Tyrant Regnant Helm Spirit Tyrant Regnant Helm120
47Void Tyrant Liege Helm Void Tyrant Liege Helm120
48Abyss Primal Rend Helm Abyss Primal Rend Helm120
49Dark Primal Claw Helm Dark Primal Claw Helm120
50Wild Blood Forge Helm Wild Blood Forge Helm120
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