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# ID Name Level Type
152941Jade Aura Helm♂ Jade Aura Helm♂15
252942Jade Aura Helm♀ Jade Aura Helm♀15
353129Origin Delusion Helm♂ Origin Delusion Helm♂15
453139Origin Delusion Helm♀ Origin Delusion Helm♀15
552948Southern Mountain Helm♂ Southern Mountain Helm♂30
652949Southern Mountain Helm♀ Southern Mountain Helm♀30
753130Origin Venom Helm♂ Origin Venom Helm♂30
853140Origin Venom Helm♀ Origin Venom Helm♀30
952955Ascending Crane Helm♂ Ascending Crane Helm♂45
1052956Ascending Crane Helm♀ Ascending Crane Helm♀45
1153037Fading Heaven Helm♂ Fading Heaven Helm♂45
1253038Fading Heaven Helm♀ Fading Heaven Helm♀45
1353131Origin Rage Helm♂ Origin Rage Helm♂45
1453141Origin Rage Helm♀ Origin Rage Helm♀45
1552962Silver Creek Helm♂ Silver Creek Helm♂60
1652963Silver Creek Helm♀ Silver Creek Helm♀60
1753039Drifting Heat Helm♂ Drifting Heat Helm♂60
1853040Drifting Heat Helm♀ Drifting Heat Helm♀60
1953132Origin Quake Helm♂ Origin Quake Helm♂60
2053142Origin Quake Helm♀ Origin Quake Helm♀60
2153171Hellbound Ambition Helm♂ Hellbound Ambition Helm♂60
2253178Hellbound Ambition Helm♀ Hellbound Ambition Helm♀60
2352772●Primitive Flame Helm♂ ●Primitive Flame Helm♂75
2452773●Primitive Flame Helm♀ ●Primitive Flame Helm♀75
2552969Tiger Stare Helm♂ Tiger Stare Helm♂75
2652970Tiger Stare Helm♀ Tiger Stare Helm♀75
2753041Blood Soaked Helm♂ Blood Soaked Helm♂75
2853042Blood Soaked Helm♀ Blood Soaked Helm♀75
2953133Origin Steadfast Helm♂ Origin Steadfast Helm♂75
3053143Origin Steadfast Helm♀ Origin Steadfast Helm♀75
3153149Essence Venom Helm♂ Essence Venom Helm♂75
3253155Essence Venom Helm♀ Essence Venom Helm♀75
3353172Hellbound Epoch Helm♂ Hellbound Epoch Helm♂75
3453179Hellbound Epoch Helm♀ Hellbound Epoch Helm♀75
3553185Shrewd Kirin Helm♂ Shrewd Kirin Helm♂75
3653191Shrewd Kirin Helm♀ Shrewd Kirin Helm♀75
3752779●Dark Reminiscence Helm♂ ●Dark Reminiscence Helm♂90
3852780●Dark Reminiscence Helm♀ ●Dark Reminiscence Helm♀90
3952976Soaring Sparrow Helm♂ Soaring Sparrow Helm♂90
4052977Soaring Sparrow Helm♀ Soaring Sparrow Helm♀90
4153043Flood White Helm♂ Flood White Helm♂90
4253044Flood White Helm♀ Flood White Helm♀90
4353074Phoenix Dance Helm♂ Phoenix Dance Helm♂90
4453075Phoenix Dance Helm♀ Phoenix Dance Helm♀90
4553134Origin Grace Helm♂ Origin Grace Helm♂90
4653144Origin Grace Helm♀ Origin Grace Helm♀90
4753150Essence Lust Helm♂ Essence Lust Helm♂90
4853156Essence Lust Helm♀ Essence Lust Helm♀90
4953161Void Scourge Helm♂ Void Scourge Helm♂90
5053166Void Scourge Helm♀ Void Scourge Helm♀90
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