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# ID Name Level Type
159673Green Steel Trident Green Steel Trident15
259713Refined Green Steel Trident Refined Green Steel Trident15
359746Pristine Green Steel Trident Pristine Green Steel Trident15
459769Essence Stoneguard Trident Essence Stoneguard Trident15
559677Ornate Dragon Trident Ornate Dragon Trident30
659714Refined Ornate Dragon Trident Refined Ornate Dragon Trident30
759744Arcane Ornate Dragon Trident Arcane Ornate Dragon Trident30
859747Lethal Ornate Dragon Trident Lethal Ornate Dragon Trident30
959770Essence Demon Hunter Trident Essence Demon Hunter Trident30
1059681Sunken Empire Trident Sunken Empire Trident45
1159715Refined Sunken Empire Trident Refined Sunken Empire Trident45
1259728Sunken Empire Trident Sunken Empire Trident45
1359748Pristine Sunken Empire Trident Pristine Sunken Empire Trident45
1459771Essence Graysteel Trident Essence Graysteel Trident45
1559685Cloud Serpent Trident Cloud Serpent Trident60
1659716Refined Cloud Serpent Trident Refined Cloud Serpent Trident60
1759729Cloud Serpent Trident Cloud Serpent Trident60
1859745Arcane Cloud Serpent Trident Arcane Cloud Serpent Trident60
1959749Pristine Cloud Serpent Trident Pristine Cloud Serpent Trident60
2059772Essence Wrath Steel Trident Essence Wrath Steel Trident60
2159790Abyss Temple Guard Trident Abyss Temple Guard Trident60
2259579●Mindveil Arcane Trident ●Mindveil Arcane Trident75
2359689Dragon Coil Trident Dragon Coil Trident75
2459717Refined Dragon Coil Trident Refined Dragon Coil Trident75
2559730Dragon Coil Trident Dragon Coil Trident75
2659750Pristine Dragon Coil Trident Pristine Dragon Coil Trident75
2759773Essence Spinel Hewn Trident Essence Spinel Hewn Trident75
2859779Spirit Jasper Hewn Trident Spirit Jasper Hewn Trident75
2959791Abyss Garnet Hewn Trident Abyss Garnet Hewn Trident75
3059797Dark Ruby Hewn Trident Dark Ruby Hewn Trident75
3159583●Cliffsmash Sacred Trident ●Cliffsmash Sacred Trident90
3259693Battle Warg Trident Battle Warg Trident90
3359718Refined Battle Warg Trident Refined Battle Warg Trident90
3459731Battle Warg Trident Battle Warg Trident90
3559756Savage Warg Trident Savage Warg Trident90
3659774Essence Astral Cleave Trident Essence Astral Cleave Trident90
3759780Spirit Astral Cleave Trident Spirit Astral Cleave Trident90
3859785Void Astral Cleave Trident Void Astral Cleave Trident90
3959792Abyss Divine Blizzard Trident Abyss Divine Blizzard Trident90
4059798Dark Divine Blizzard Trident Dark Divine Blizzard Trident90
4159803Wild Divine Blizzard Trident Wild Divine Blizzard Trident90
4260862★Abyss Divine Blizzard Trident ★Abyss Divine Blizzard Trident90
4360865★Abyss Annihilation Trident ★Abyss Annihilation Trident90
4460868★Abyss Annihilation Trident ★Abyss Annihilation Trident90
4560871★Abyss Annihilation Trident ★Abyss Annihilation Trident90
4660874★Abyss Annihilation Trident ★Abyss Annihilation Trident90
4759587●Darkflame Feather Trident ●Darkflame Feather Trident105
4859697Sunbringer Trident Sunbringer Trident105
4959719Refined Sunbringer Trident Refined Sunbringer Trident105
5059751Ethical Violetsun Trident Ethical Violetsun Trident105
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