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# ID Name Level Type
119226Silver Lightcurve Silver Lightcurve1
2316Steel Sword Steel Sword15
34690Elite Steel Sword Elite Steel Sword15
45566Ardent Steel Sword Ardent Steel Sword15
55567Sharp Steel Sword Sharp Steel Sword15
66233Sturdy Steel Sword Sturdy Steel Sword15
710964Sword of Breeze Sword of Breeze15
823996Refined Steel Sword Refined Steel Sword15
946423Essence Stiff Sword Essence Stiff Sword15
10317Plated Sword Plated Sword30
112745Ardent Plated Sword Ardent Plated Sword30
123553Sturdy Plated Sword Sturdy Plated Sword30
133565Loyal Plated Sword Loyal Plated Sword30
144691Arcane Plated Sword Arcane Plated Sword30
155568Refined Plated Sword Refined Plated Sword30
166508Excellent Plated Sword Excellent Plated Sword30
1710965Windbash Sword Windbash Sword30
1823997Refined Plated Sword Refined Plated Sword30
1946424Essence Long Sword Essence Long Sword30
20318Emblem Sword Emblem Sword45
212746Ardent Emblem Sword Ardent Emblem Sword45
223554Sturdy Emblem Sword Sturdy Emblem Sword45
233566Loyal Emblem Sword Loyal Emblem Sword45
245569Crafted Emblem Sword Crafted Emblem Sword45
2510966Windslash Sword Windslash Sword45
2616461Emblem Sword Emblem Sword45
2723998Refined Emblem Sword Refined Emblem Sword45
2846425Essence Ancient Sword Essence Ancient Sword45
29319Serpent Sword Serpent Sword60
302747Ardent Serpent Sword Ardent Serpent Sword60
312992Ancient Bronze Sword Ancient Bronze Sword60
323555Sturdy Serpent Sword Sturdy Serpent Sword60
333567Loyal Serpent Sword Loyal Serpent Sword60
343573Sword of Esteem Sword of Esteem60
353577Baton of Lightning Baton of Lightning60
363581Meditator's Sword Meditator's Sword60
373585Ancient Cyan Steel Ancient Cyan Steel60
3816462Serpent Sword Serpent Sword60
3917812Arcane Serpent Sword Arcane Serpent Sword60
4019924Justice Flamoid Sword Justice Flamoid Sword60
4123910Thunderlash Sword Thunderlash Sword60
4223999Refined Serpent Sword Refined Serpent Sword60
4346426Essence Bamboo Sword Essence Bamboo Sword60
4446444Abyss Rainbowfly Sword Abyss Rainbowfly Sword60
45320Electran Sword Electran Sword75
462748Ardent Electran Sword Ardent Electran Sword75
472993Thunderlash Thunderlash75
484915Sturdy Electran Sword Sturdy Electran Sword75
494916Loyal Electran Sword Loyal Electran Sword75
504917Sword of Fire Sword of Fire75
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