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# ID Name Level Type
125627Wood Bow Wood Bow15
227468Ardent Wood Bow Ardent Wood Bow15
327499Sturdy Wood Bow Sturdy Wood Bow15
427609Refined Wood Bow Refined Wood Bow15
527641Sharp Wood Bow Sharp Wood Bow15
627658Elite Wood Bow Elite Wood Bow15
727663Peachwood Bow Peachwood Bow15
847242Essence Swinging Bow Essence Swinging Bow15
925628Iron Bow Iron Bow30
1027469Ardent Iron Bow Ardent Iron Bow30
1127500Sturdy Iron Bow Sturdy Iron Bow30
1227508Astute Iron Bow Astute Iron Bow30
1327610Refined Iron Bow Refined Iron Bow30
1427642Refined Iron Bow Refined Iron Bow30
1527657Excellent Iron Bow Excellent Iron Bow30
1627664Jujubewood Bow Jujubewood Bow30
1727668Arcane Iron Bow Arcane Iron Bow30
1847243Essence Breeze Bow Essence Breeze Bow30
1925629Peachfairy Bow Peachfairy Bow45
2027449Peachfairy Bow Peachfairy Bow45
2127472Ardent Peachfairy Bow Ardent Peachfairy Bow45
2227501Sturdy Peachfairy Bow Sturdy Peachfairy Bow45
2327509Astute Peachfairy Bow Astute Peachfairy Bow45
2427611Refined Peachfairy Bow Refined Peachfairy Bow45
2527643Crafted Peachfairy Bow Crafted Peachfairy Bow45
2627665Ironwood Bow Ironwood Bow45
2747244Essence Mystery Bow Essence Mystery Bow45
2825630Windraw Bow Windraw Bow60
2927450Windraw Bow Windraw Bow60
3027474Ardent Windraw Bow Ardent Windraw Bow60
3127502Sturdy Windraw Bow Sturdy Windraw Bow60
3227510Astute Windraw Bow Astute Windraw Bow60
3327597Charming Flowfire Bow Charming Flowfire Bow60
3427612Refined Windraw Bow Refined Windraw Bow60
3527620Goldear Bow Goldear Bow60
3627627Stardrop Bow Stardrop Bow60
3727634Boundless Bow Boundless Bow60
3827644Cloudchaos Bow Cloudchaos Bow60
3927651Flowshadow Bow Flowshadow Bow60
4027666Ghostwood Bow Ghostwood Bow60
4127669Arcane Iron Bow Arcane Iron Bow60
4247245Essence Ransack Bow Essence Ransack Bow60
4347263Abyss Silentdeath Bow Abyss Silentdeath Bow60
4425631Cloudflow Bow Cloudflow Bow75
4527451Cloudflow Bow Cloudflow Bow75
4627475Ardent Cloudflow Bow Ardent Cloudflow Bow75
4727503Sturdy Cloudflow Bow Sturdy Cloudflow Bow75
4827511Astute Cloudflow Bow Astute Cloudflow Bow75
4927598Charming Hellfire Bow Charming Hellfire Bow75
5027613Refined Cloudflow Bow Refined Cloudflow Bow75
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