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# ID Name Level Type
183291Rhombous Boots♀ Rhombous Boots♀15
283292Rhombous Boots♂ Rhombous Boots♂15
383683Essence Tribute Boots♀ Essence Tribute Boots♀15
483684Essence Tribute Boots♂ Essence Tribute Boots♂15
583299Woolen Boots♀ Woolen Boots♀30
683300Woolen Boots♂ Woolen Boots♂30
783690Essence Resilient Boots♀ Essence Resilient Boots♀30
883691Essence Resilient Boots♂ Essence Resilient Boots♂30
983306Great Wave Boots♀ Great Wave Boots♀45
1083307Great Wave Boots♂ Great Wave Boots♂45
1183697Essence Condemned Boots♀ Essence Condemned Boots♀45
1283698Essence Condemned Boots♂ Essence Condemned Boots♂45
1383989Great Wave Boots♀ Great Wave Boots♀45
1483990Great Wave Boots♂ Great Wave Boots♂45
1583313Louse Boots♀ Louse Boots♀60
1683314Louse Boots♂ Louse Boots♂60
1783704Essence Leopard Boots♀ Essence Leopard Boots♀60
1883705Essence Leopard Boots♂ Essence Leopard Boots♂60
1983868Abyss Quiet Simplicity Boots♀ Abyss Quiet Simplicity Boots♀60
2083869Abyss Quiet Simplicity Boots♂ Abyss Quiet Simplicity Boots♂60
2183996Louse Boots♀ Louse Boots♀60
2283997Louse Boots♂ Louse Boots♂60
2383320Florid Scale Boots♀ Florid Scale Boots♀75
2483321Florid Scale Boots♂ Florid Scale Boots♂75
2583382●Gentiana Boots♀ ●Gentiana Boots♀75
2683383●Gentiana Boots♂ ●Gentiana Boots♂75
2783711Essence Flying Boots♀ Essence Flying Boots♀75
2883712Essence Flying Boots♂ Essence Flying Boots♂75
2983753Spirit Grievance Boots♀ Spirit Grievance Boots♀75
3083754Spirit Grievance Boots♂ Spirit Grievance Boots♂75
3183875Abyss Beryl Boots♀ Abyss Beryl Boots♀75
3283876Abyss Beryl Boots♂ Abyss Beryl Boots♂75
3383917Dark Clarity Boots♀ Dark Clarity Boots♀75
3483918Dark Clarity Boots♂ Dark Clarity Boots♂75
3584003Florid Scale Boots♀ Florid Scale Boots♀75
3684004Florid Scale Boots♂ Florid Scale Boots♂75
3783327Kui Demon Boots♀ Kui Demon Boots♀90
3883328Kui Demon Boots♂ Kui Demon Boots♂90
3983389●White Dragon Wing Boots♀ ●White Dragon Wing Boots♀90
4083390●White Dragon Wing Boots♂ ●White Dragon Wing Boots♂90
4183718Essence Spiritual Boots♀ Essence Spiritual Boots♀90
4283719Essence Spiritual Boots♂ Essence Spiritual Boots♂90
4383760Spirit Plated Boots♀ Spirit Plated Boots♀90
4483761Spirit Plated Boots♂ Spirit Plated Boots♂90
4583795Void Sentry Boots♀ Void Sentry Boots♀90
4683796Void Sentry Boots♂ Void Sentry Boots♂90
4783882Abyss Rainbow Boots♀ Abyss Rainbow Boots♀90
4883883Abyss Rainbow Boots♂ Abyss Rainbow Boots♂90
4983924Dark Seclusion Boots♀ Dark Seclusion Boots♀90
5083925Dark Seclusion Boots♂ Dark Seclusion Boots♂90
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