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# ID Name Level Type
198412Zephyr weapon for testing Zephyr weapon for testing1
299089Refined Wooden Daggers Refined Wooden Daggers1
399531test weapon 1 test weapon 11
499532test weapon 2 test weapon 21
598407Oath Daggers Oath Daggers15
698799Essence Sesamum Daggers Essence Sesamum Daggers15
798916Abyss Sesamum Daggers Abyss Sesamum Daggers15
899083Refined Oath Daggers Refined Oath Daggers15
998415Bell Daggers Bell Daggers30
1098806Essence Dynasty Daggers Essence Dynasty Daggers30
1198917Abyss Dynasty Daggers Abyss Dynasty Daggers30
1298921Secret Dynasty Daggers Secret Dynasty Daggers30
1399084Refined Bell Daggers Refined Bell Daggers 30
1498422Bandha Daggers Bandha Daggers45
1598813Essence Solemn Daggers Essence Solemn Daggers45
1698918Abyss Solemn Daggers Abyss Solemn Daggers45
1799085Refined Bandha Daggers Refined Bandha Daggers45
1899105Bandha Daggers Bandha Daggers45
1998429Towering Daggers Towering Daggers60
2098820Essence Nobelium Daggers Essence Nobelium Daggers60
2198919Abyss Nobelium Daggers Abyss Nobelium Daggers60
2298922Secret Nobelium Daggers Secret Nobelium Daggers60
2398984Abyss Phoenix Daggers Abyss Phoenix Daggers60
2499086Refined Towering Daggers Refined Towering Daggers60
2599112Towering Daggers Towering Daggers60
2698436Dream Daggers Dream Daggers75
2798498● Rising Dream Daggers ● Rising Dream Daggers75
2898827Essence Defiled Daggers Essence Defiled Daggers75
2998869Spirit Grimace Daggers Spirit Grimace Daggers75
3098920Abyss Defiled Daggers Abyss Defiled Daggers75
3198991Abyss Genial Daggers Abyss Genial Daggers75
3299033Dark Purgatory Daggers Dark Purgatory Daggers75
3399087Refined Dream Daggers Refined Dream Daggers75
3499119Dream Daggers Dream Daggers75
3598443Black Phoenix Daggers Black Phoenix Daggers90
3698505● Three Realms Daggers ● Three Realms Daggers90
3798834Essence Myriad Daggers Essence Myriad Daggers90
3898876Spirit Chafe Daggers Spirit Chafe Daggers90
3998911Void Azure Daggers Void Azure Daggers90
409892717174 Union Daggers 17174 Union Daggers90
4198931Duowan Abyss Pearl Daggers Duowan Abyss Pearl Daggers90
4298934Sina Abyss Pearl Daggers Sina Abyss Pearl Daggers90
4398937NetEase Abyss Pearl Daggers NetEase Abyss Pearl Daggers90
4498940Tencent Abyss Pearl Daggers Tencent Abyss Pearl Daggers90
4598998Abyss Union Daggers Abyss Union Daggers90
4699040Dark Poise Daggers Dark Poise Daggers90
4799075Wild Dipper Daggers Wild Dipper Daggers90
4899088Refined Black Phoenix Daggers Refined Black Phoenix Daggers90
4999098Soulbane Dragon Phoenix Daggers Soulbane Dragon Phoenix Daggers90
5099126Black Phoenix Daggers Black Phoenix Daggers90
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