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# ID Name Level Type
513622Fervent Lunarshade Armor♂ Fervent Lunarshade Armor♂60
523625Vacuous Lunarshade Armor♂ Vacuous Lunarshade Armor♂60
533626Lime Steel Armor♂ Lime Steel Armor♂60
543627Earthquake Armor♂ Earthquake Armor♂60
553628Armor of Vehemence♂ Armor of Vehemence♂60
563745Astute Lunarshade Armor♀ Astute Lunarshade Armor♀60
573748Fervent Lunarshade Armor♀ Fervent Lunarshade Armor♀60
583751Vacuous Lunarshade Armor♀ Vacuous Lunarshade Armor♀60
593752Lime Steel Armor♀ Lime Steel Armor♀60
603753Earthquake Armor♀ Earthquake Armor♀60
613754Armor of Vehemence♀ Armor of Vehemence♀60
623884Wary Lunarshade Armor♂ Wary Lunarshade Armor♂60
633885Soulspark Armor♂ Soulspark Armor♂60
643937Wary Lunarshade Armor♀ Wary Lunarshade Armor♀60
653938Soulspark Armor♀ Soulspark Armor♀60
664386Arcanum Lunarshade Armor♂ Arcanum Lunarshade Armor♂60
674387Arcanum Lunarshade Armor♀ Arcanum Lunarshade Armor♀60
684388Valiant Lunarshade Armor♂ Valiant Lunarshade Armor♂60
694389Valiant Lunarshade Armor♀ Valiant Lunarshade Armor♀60
704390Euphoric Lunarshade Armor♂ Euphoric Lunarshade Armor♂60
714391Euphoric Lunarshade Armor♀ Euphoric Lunarshade Armor♀60
724392Apparition Armor♂ Apparition Armor♂60
734393Apparition Armor♀ Apparition Armor♀60
744394Armor of Delusion♂ Armor of Delusion♂60
754395Armor of Delusion♀ Armor of Delusion♀60
764396Armor of Scavenger♂ Armor of Scavenger♂60
774397Armor of Scavenger♀ Armor of Scavenger♀60
7816487Lunarshade Armor♂ Lunarshade Armor♂60
7916488Lunarshade Armor♀ Lunarshade Armor♀60
8019804Luminary Purplefire Shirt♂ Luminary Purplefire Shirt♂60
8119805Luminary Purplefire Shirt♀ Luminary Purplefire Shirt♀60
8224325Refined Lunarshade Shirt Refined Lunarshade Shirt60
8346270Essence Firefly Shirt♂ Essence Firefly Shirt♂60
8446280Essence Firefly Shirt♀ Essence Firefly Shirt♀60
8546309Abyss Heartsong Shirt♂ Abyss Heartsong Shirt♂60
8646316Abyss Heartsong Shirt♀ Abyss Heartsong Shirt♀60
87390Alloy Armor♂ Alloy Armor♂75
88470Alloy Armor♀ Alloy Armor♀75
892775Ardent Alloy Armor♂ Ardent Alloy Armor♂75
903014Jaden Alloy Armor♂ Jaden Alloy Armor♂75
913098Jaden Alloy Armor♀ Jaden Alloy Armor♀75
923314Ardent Alloy Armor♀ Ardent Alloy Armor♀75
935067Wary Alloy Armor♂ Wary Alloy Armor♂75
945068Wary Alloy Armor♀ Wary Alloy Armor♀75
955069Arcanum Alloy Armor♂ Arcanum Alloy Armor♂75
965070Arcanum Alloy Armor♀ Arcanum Alloy Armor♀75
975071Valiant Alloy Armor♂ Valiant Alloy Armor♂75
985072Valiant Alloy Armor♀ Valiant Alloy Armor♀75
995073Fervent Alloy Armor♂ Fervent Alloy Armor♂75
1005074Fervent Alloy Armor♀ Fervent Alloy Armor♀75
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