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# Name Level Type
1Shenong Hoe Shenong Hoe-
2Tinder Tinder-
3Fruit Shears Fruit Shears-
4Fluorescent Pollen Fluorescent Pollen-
5Ghost Prison Secret Key Ghost Prison Secret Key-
6JDF-2019-Sylia-Repair Materials JDF-2019-Sylia-Repair Materials-
7JDF-2019-Psychea-Ancient Mecha JDF-2019-Psychea-Ancient Mecha-
8Immortal Sweet Ambrosia Immortal Sweet Ambrosia-
9Master's Hoe Master's Hoe1
10Master's Spade Master's Spade1
11Broom Broom1
12Trowel Trowel1
13Cleaning Net Cleaning Net1
14Dragon Scissors Dragon Scissors1
15Pickax Pickax1
16Pearl Pouch Pearl Pouch1
17N/A药王剪 N/A药王剪1
18Shenong Hoe Shenong Hoe1
19Flower Trimmer Flower Trimmer1
20Feather Order Feather Order1
21Meta Seal Meta Seal1
22Fire Drum Fire Drum1
23Herb Bag Herb Bag1
24Spirit Chest Spirit Chest1
25Moy Fish Fishnet Moy Fish Fishnet1
26Empty Bucket Empty Bucket1
27Shears Shears1
28Empty Spice Box Empty Spice Box1
29Empty Spice Box Empty Spice Box1
30Empty Bottle Empty Bottle1
31Ladle Ladle1
32Clean Towel Clean Towel1
33Wool Wool1
34Sickle Sickle1
35Key Key1
36Blood Breath Blood Breath1
37Evilseal Mace Evilseal Mace1
38Bloodfiend Whip Bloodfiend Whip1
39Darkritual Orb Darkritual Orb1
40Small Shovel Small Shovel1
41Cold Sting Charm Cold Sting Charm1
42Red Chest Key Red Chest Key1
43Blue Chest Key Blue Chest Key1
44Empty Winecup Empty Winecup1
45Gardening Hoe Gardening Hoe1
46Alliance Base: Grasslands Alliance Base: Grasslands1
47Gardening Hoe Gardening Hoe1
48Pickaxe Pickaxe1
49Pickaxe Pickaxe1
50Oyster Knife Oyster Knife1
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