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# Name Level Type
1Jade of Lightning Blast Jade of Lightning Blast1
2Star Tear Star Tear1
3Meridian Pyre Meridian Pyre1
4Silver Lantern Silver Lantern1
5Flareburn Pendant Flareburn Pendant15
6Agony of Departure Agony of Departure15
7Pendant of Exuberance Pendant of Exuberance15
8Sculpture of Rebirth Sculpture of Rebirth15
9Sinew Breaker Sinew Breaker15
10Beast Gallbladder Beast Gallbladder15
11Foxeron Cloak Foxeron Cloak15
12Light Scabbard Light Scabbard15
13Water Drop Water Drop15
14Beast Map Beast Map15
15Electricity Marble Electricity Marble15
16Violet Tome Violet Tome15
17Phoenix Blaze Phoenix Blaze15
18Love God Gem Love God Gem15
19Soultrap Stone Soultrap Stone15
20Cloud Jadepad Cloud Jadepad15
21Hill Snow Hill Snow15
22Silver Snow Brush Silver Snow Brush15
23Sun Feather Sun Feather15
24Abaddon Abaddon15
25Fine Pin Fine Pin15
26Peach Order Peach Order15
27Leaf of Deception Leaf of Deception45
28Leaf of Deception★ Leaf of Deception★45
29Blood Fang Blood Fang75
30Berry of Oblivion Berry of Oblivion75
31Cosmos Brocade Cosmos Brocade75
32Golden Words Golden Words75
33Order of Chaos Order of Chaos75
34Heart Rust Herb Heart Rust Herb75
35Dew of Equilibrium Dew of Equilibrium75
36Shanwu Stone Shanwu Stone75
37Dark Iron Slab Dark Iron Slab75
38Luminous Pendant Luminous Pendant75
39Bloodrop Wood Bloodrop Wood75
40Meditation Stove Meditation Stove75
41Convertible Soul Convertible Soul75
42Spun Gold Spun Gold75
43Yin Yang Pass Yin Yang Pass75
44Phoenix Jade Phoenix Jade75
45Skybright Hammer Skybright Hammer75
46Traceless Shift Traceless Shift75
47Ferocious Steel Ferocious Steel75
48Daybreak Wood Daybreak Wood75
49Solitary Hill Solitary Hill75
50Smoke Light Smoke Light75
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