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# ID Name Level Type
125464Savage Helmet♂ Savage Helmet♂15
225465Savage Helmet♀ Savage Helmet♀15
325960Ardent Savage Helmet♂ Ardent Savage Helmet♂15
426127Ardent Savage Helmet♀ Ardent Savage Helmet♀15
542080N/A封神初等九黎帽男 N/A封神初等九黎帽男15
642081N/A封神初等九黎帽女 N/A封神初等九黎帽女15
747008Essence Steel Hat♂ Essence Steel Hat♂15
847018Essence Steel Hat♀ Essence Steel Hat♀15
925466Lionroar Helmet♂ Lionroar Helmet♂30
1025467Lionroar Helmet♀ Lionroar Helmet♀30
1125961Ardent Lionroar Helmet♂ Ardent Lionroar Helmet♂30
1225970Wary Lionroar Helmet♂ Wary Lionroar Helmet♂30
1325993Fervent Lionroar Helmet♂ Fervent Lionroar Helmet♂30
1426009Vacuous Lionroar Helmet♂ Vacuous Lionroar Helmet♂30
1526018Astute Lionroar Helmet♂ Astute Lionroar Helmet♂30
1626128Ardent Lionroar Helmet♀ Ardent Lionroar Helmet♀30
1726137Wary Lionroar Helmet♀ Wary Lionroar Helmet♀30
1826160Fervent Lionroar Helmet♀ Fervent Lionroar Helmet♀30
1926176Vacuous Lionroar Helmet♀ Vacuous Lionroar Helmet♀30
2026185Astute Lionroar Helmet♀ Astute Lionroar Helmet♀30
2147009Essence Red Hat♂ Essence Red Hat♂30
2247019Essence Red Hat♀ Essence Red Hat♀30
2325468Oxbind Helmet♂ Oxbind Helmet♂45
2425469Oxbind Helmet♀ Oxbind Helmet♀45
2525955Oxbind Helmet♂ Oxbind Helmet♂45
2625962Ardent Oxbind Helmet♂ Ardent Oxbind Helmet♂45
2725971Wary Oxbind Helmet♂ Wary Oxbind Helmet♂45
2825994Fervent Oxbind Helmet♂ Fervent Oxbind Helmet♂45
2926010Vacuous Oxbind Helmet♂ Vacuous Oxbind Helmet♂45
3026019Astute Oxbind Helmet♂ Astute Oxbind Helmet♂45
3126122Oxbind Helmet♀ Oxbind Helmet♀45
3226129Ardent Oxbind Helmet♀ Ardent Oxbind Helmet♀45
3326138Wary Oxbind Helmet♀ Wary Oxbind Helmet♀45
3426161Fervent Oxbind Helmet♀ Fervent Oxbind Helmet♀45
3526177Vacuous Oxbind Helmet♀ Vacuous Oxbind Helmet♀45
3626186Astute Oxbind Helmet♀ Astute Oxbind Helmet♀45
3747010Essence Royal Hat♂ Essence Royal Hat♂45
3847020Essence Royal Hat♀ Essence Royal Hat♀45
3925470Wolfhowl Helmet♂ Wolfhowl Helmet♂60
4025471Wolfhowl Helmet♀ Wolfhowl Helmet♀60
4125956Wolfhowl Helmet♂ Wolfhowl Helmet♂60
4225963Ardent Wolfhowl Helmet♂ Ardent Wolfhowl Helmet♂60
4325972Wary Wolfhowl Helmet♂ Wary Wolfhowl Helmet♂60
4425979Arcanum Wolfhowl Helmet♂ Arcanum Wolfhowl Helmet♂60
4525986Valiant Wolfhowl Helmet♂ Valiant Wolfhowl Helmet♂60
4625995Fervent Wolfhowl Helmet♂ Fervent Wolfhowl Helmet♂60
4726002Euphoric Wolfhowl Helmet♂ Euphoric Wolfhowl Helmet♂60
4826011Vacuous Wolfhowl Helmet♂ Vacuous Wolfhowl Helmet♂60
4926020Astute Wolfhowl Helmet♂ Astute Wolfhowl Helmet♂60
5026026Heroic Flowfire Helmet♂ Heroic Flowfire Helmet♂60
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