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# ID Name Level Type
145354Coldflame Robe♂ Coldflame Robe♂15
245355Coldflame Robe♀ Coldflame Robe♀15
345430Refined Coldflame Robe Refined Coldflame Robe15
448178Cloudrider Robe♂ Cloudrider Robe♂15
548188Cloudrider Robe♀ Cloudrider Robe♀15
645361Frostflow Robe♂ Frostflow Robe♂30
745362Frostflow Robe♀ Frostflow Robe♀30
845431Refined Frostflow Robe Refined Frostflow Robe30
948179Moongleam Robe♂ Moongleam Robe♂30
1048189Moongleam Robe♀ Moongleam Robe♀30
1145368Gazer Robe♂ Gazer Robe♂45
1245369Gazer Robe♀ Gazer Robe♀45
1345432Refined Gazer Robe Refined Gazer Robe45
1445440Gazer Robe♂ Gazer Robe♂45
1545441Gazer Robe♀ Gazer Robe♀45
1648180Sunstorm Robe♂ Sunstorm Robe♂45
1748190Sunstorm Robe♀ Sunstorm Robe♀45
1845375Vastblank Robe♂ Vastblank Robe♂60
1945376Vastblank Robe♀ Vastblank Robe♀60
2045433Refined Meteorite Robe Refined Meteorite Robe60
2145442Vastblank Robe♂ Vastblank Robe♂60
2245443Vastblank Robe♀ Vastblank Robe♀60
2348181Comet Robe♂ Comet Robe♂60
2448191Comet Robe♀ Comet Robe♀60
2548220Falling Star Robe♂ Falling Star Robe♂60
2648227Falling Star Robe♀ Falling Star Robe♀60
2745185●Crimsonrunner Robe♂ ●Crimsonrunner Robe♂75
2845186●Crimsonrunner Robe♀ ●Crimsonrunner Robe♀75
2945382Windrun Robe♂ Windrun Robe♂75
3045383Windrun Robe♀ Windrun Robe♀75
3145434Refined Windrun Robe Refined Windrun Robe75
3245444Windrun Robe♂ Windrun Robe♂75
3345445Windrun Robe♀ Windrun Robe♀75
3448182Essence Star Robe♂ Essence Star Robe♂75
3548192Essence Star Robe♀ Essence Star Robe♀75
3648198Spirit Star Robe♂ Spirit Star Robe♂75
3748204Spirit Star Robe♀ Spirit Star Robe♀75
3848221Abyss Star Robe♂ Abyss Star Robe♂75
3948228Abyss Star Robe♀ Abyss Star Robe♀75
4048234Dark Star Robe♂ Dark Star Robe♂75
4148240Dark Star Robe♀ Dark Star Robe♀75
4245192●Ironmelt Robe♂ ●Ironmelt Robe♂90
4345193●Ironmelt Robe♀ ●Ironmelt Robe♀90
4445389Fireproof Robe♂ Fireproof Robe♂90
4545390Fireproof Robe♀ Fireproof Robe♀90
4645435Refined Fireproof Robe Refined Fireproof Robe90
4745446Fireproof Robe♂ Fireproof Robe♂90
4845447Fireproof Robe♀ Fireproof Robe♀90
4945477Soulbane Buffalo Flame Robe♂ Soulbane Buffalo Flame Robe♂90
5045478Soulbane Buffalo Flame Robe♀ Soulbane Buffalo Flame Robe♀90
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