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# ID Name Level Type
1356Dewdrop Boots♂ Dewdrop Boots♂15
2556Dewdrop Boots♀ Dewdrop Boots♀15
35578Ardent Dewdrop Boots♂ Ardent Dewdrop Boots♂15
45579Ardent Dewdrop Boots♀ Ardent Dewdrop Boots♀15
513717N/A昆仑声望装100级青云门鞋男 N/A昆仑声望装100级青云门鞋男15
613718N/A昆仑声望装100级青云门鞋女 N/A昆仑声望装100级青云门鞋女15
742120N/A封神初等青云门靴男 N/A封神初等青云门靴男15
842121N/A封神初等青云门靴女 N/A封神初等青云门靴女15
946618Essence Sturdy Shoes♂ Essence Sturdy Shoes♂15
1046628Essence Sturdy Shoes♀ Essence Sturdy Shoes♀15
11357Moonlight Boots♂ Moonlight Boots♂30
12557Moonlight Boots♀ Moonlight Boots♀30
132817Ardent Moonlight Boots♂ Ardent Moonlight Boots♂30
142924Ardent Moonlight Boots♀ Ardent Moonlight Boots♀30
153605Astute Moonlight Boots♂ Astute Moonlight Boots♂30
163665Fervent Moonlight Boots♂ Fervent Moonlight Boots♂30
173668Vacuous Moonlight Boots♂ Vacuous Moonlight Boots♂30
183803Astute Moonlight Boots♀ Astute Moonlight Boots♀30
193806Fervent Moonlight Boots♀ Fervent Moonlight Boots♀30
203809Vacuous Moonlight Boots♀ Vacuous Moonlight Boots♀30
213902Wary Moonlight Boots♂ Wary Moonlight Boots♂30
223955Wary Moonlight Boots♀ Wary Moonlight Boots♀30
2346619Essence Ancestral Shoes♂ Essence Ancestral Shoes♂30
2446629Essence Ancestral Shoes♀ Essence Ancestral Shoes♀30
25358Skywalk Shoes♂ Skywalk Shoes♂45
26558Skywalk Shoes♀ Skywalk Shoes♀45
272818Ardent Skywalk Boots♂ Ardent Skywalk Boots♂45
282925Ardent Skywalk Boots♀ Ardent Skywalk Boots♀45
293606Astute Skywalk Boots♂ Astute Skywalk Boots♂45
303666Fervent Skywalk Boots♂ Fervent Skywalk Boots♂45
313669Vacuous Skywalk Boots♂ Vacuous Skywalk Boots♂45
323804Astute Skywalk Boots♀ Astute Skywalk Boots♀45
333807Fervent Skywalk Boots♀ Fervent Skywalk Boots♀45
343810Vacuous Skywalk Boots♀ Vacuous Skywalk Boots♀45
353903Wary Skywalk Boots♂ Wary Skywalk Boots♂45
363956Wary Skywalk Boots♀ Wary Skywalk Boots♀45
3716473Skywalk Shoes♂ Skywalk Shoes♂45
3816474Skywalk Shoes♀ Skywalk Shoes♀45
3946620Essence Rainbow Shoes♂ Essence Rainbow Shoes♂45
4046630Essence Rainbow Shoes♀ Essence Rainbow Shoes♀45
41359Mystic Shoes♂ Mystic Shoes♂60
42559Mystic Shoes♀ Mystic Shoes♀60
432819Ardent Mystic Boots♂ Ardent Mystic Boots♂60
442926Ardent Mystic Boots♀ Ardent Mystic Boots♀60
453048Velvetex Boots♂ Velvetex Boots♂60
463132Velvetex Boots♀ Velvetex Boots♀60
473607Astute Mystic Boots♂ Astute Mystic Boots♂60
483667Fervent Mystic Boots♂ Fervent Mystic Boots♂60
493670Vacuous Mystic Boots♂ Vacuous Mystic Boots♂60
503671Robe of the Arch Spirit♂ Robe of the Arch Spirit♂60
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