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# ID Name Level Type
172442LV15 Seira Weapon LV15 Seira Weapon-
272443Rainbow Neon Umbrella Rainbow Neon Umbrella15
372453Essence Sheath Umbrella Essence Sheath Umbrella15
472526Refined Rainbow Neon Umbrella Refined Rainbow Neon Umbrella15
572541Floral Dawn Umbrella Floral Dawn Umbrella15
672444Ice Aroma Umbrella Ice Aroma Umbrella30
772454Essence Branch Umbrella Essence Branch Umbrella30
872527Refined Ice Aroma Umbrella Refined Ice Aroma Umbrella30
972539Arcane Clear Light Umbrella Arcane Clear Light Umbrella30
1072542River Snow Umbrella River Snow Umbrella30
1180267Login int. Gevrin weapon Login int. Gevrin weapon30
1272445Breeze Sorrow Umbrella Breeze Sorrow Umbrella45
1372455Essence Glow Umbrella Essence Glow Umbrella45
1472528Refined Breeze Sorrow Umbrella Refined Breeze Sorrow Umbrella45
1572535Breeze Sorrow Umbrella Breeze Sorrow Umbrella45
1672543Dream Maple Umbrella Dream Maple Umbrella45
1772446Mirror Sharp Umbrella Mirror Sharp Umbrella60
1872456Essence Rouge Umbrella Essence Rouge Umbrella60
1972474Abyss Snow Umbrella Abyss Snow Umbrella60
2072529Refined Mirror Sharp Umbrella Refined Mirror Sharp Umbrella60
2172536Mirror Sharp Umbrella Mirror Sharp Umbrella60
2272540Arcane Resonance Umbrella Arcane Resonance Umbrella60
2372544Carp Silk Umbrella Carp Silk Umbrella60
2472447Jade Moon Umbrella Jade Moon Umbrella75
2572457Essence Dew Umbrella Essence Dew Umbrella75
2672463Spirit Beauty Umbrella Spirit Beauty Umbrella75
2772475Abyss Shadow Umbrella Abyss Shadow Umbrella75
2872481Shrewd Tundra Umbrella Shrewd Tundra Umbrella75
2972492●Wind Ripple Umbrella ●Wind Ripple Umbrella75
3072530Refined Jade Moon Umbrella Refined Jade Moon Umbrella75
3172537Jade Moon Umbrella Jade Moon Umbrella75
3272545Moon Rider Umbrella Moon Rider Umbrella75
3372448Flame Spire Umbrella Flame Spire Umbrella90
3472458Essence River Umbrella Essence River Umbrella90
3572464Spirit Relic Umbrella Spirit Relic Umbrella90
3672469Void Ink Umbrella Void Ink Umbrella90
3772476Abyss Purity Umbrella Abyss Purity Umbrella90
3872482Shrewd Mountain Umbrella Shrewd Mountain Umbrella90
3972487Wild Despair Umbrella Wild Despair Umbrella90
4072493●Mist Weave Umbrella ●Mist Weave Umbrella90
4172531Refined Flame Spire Umbrella Refined Flame Spire Umbrella90
4272538Flame Spire Umbrella Flame Spire Umbrella90
4372551Soulbane Dragon Umbrella Soulbane Dragon Umbrella90
447255217173 Abyss Purity Umbrella 17173 Abyss Purity Umbrella90
4572555Duowan Abyss Purity Umbrella Duowan Abyss Purity Umbrella90
4672558Tencent Abyss Purity Umbrella Tencent Abyss Purity Umbrella90
4772561Netease Abyss Purity Umbrella Netease Abyss Purity Umbrella90
4872564Sina Abyss Purity Umbrella Sina Abyss Purity Umbrella90
4972449Frost Burn Umbrella Frost Burn Umbrella105
5072459Essence Void Umbrella Essence Void Umbrella105
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