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# Name Level Type
1N/A测试技能用戒指01A N/A测试技能用戒指01A1
2N/A测试技能用戒指01B N/A测试技能用戒指01B1
3N/A测试技能用戒指02A N/A测试技能用戒指02A1
4N/A测试技能用戒指02B N/A测试技能用戒指02B1
5Ring of the Tiger Ring of the Tiger1
6Spring Rain Ring Spring Rain Ring1
7Bird Chasing Ring Bird Chasing Ring1
8Boneshard Ring Boneshard Ring10
9Tiger Might Tiger Might10
10Eminence of the Tiger Eminence of the Tiger10
11Ethereal Ring Ethereal Ring10
12Ring of the Cloud Ring of the Cloud15
13Misan Ring Misan Ring15
14Dashlight Ring Dashlight Ring15
15Dashglow Ring Dashglow Ring15
16Tide: Dashlight Ring Tide: Dashlight Ring15
17Tide: Dashglow Ring Tide: Dashglow Ring15
18Ox Spine Ring Ox Spine Ring25
19Ring of the Morning Star Ring of the Morning Star25
20Ring of Hollow Breeze Ring of Hollow Breeze25
21Nova Ring Nova Ring25
22Windcharge Ring Windcharge Ring25
23Dominator's Might Dominator's Might25
24Eminence of the Dominator Eminence of the Dominator25
25Bronze Hero Medal Bronze Hero Medal30
26Grand Dragon Ring Grand Dragon Ring30
27Ring of the Star Ring of the Star30
28Copper Ring Copper Ring30
29Emerald Wind Ring Emerald Wind Ring30
30Velvet Stone Ring Velvet Stone Ring30
31Alacrity Ring Alacrity Ring35
32Canine Ring Canine Ring40
33Champion's Might Champion's Might40
34Eminence of the Champion Eminence of the Champion40
35Silver Hero Medal Silver Hero Medal45
36Ring of Warsoul Ring of Warsoul45
37Ring of the Ghost Ring of the Ghost45
38Drake Femur Ring Drake Femur Ring55
39Ring of Astral Storm Ring of Astral Storm55
40Ring of Comet Ring of Comet55
41Ring of Bolide Ring of Bolide55
42Ring of Whirlwind Ring of Whirlwind55
43Frostcore Ring Frostcore Ring55
44Lunarfrost Ring Lunarfrost Ring55
45Starfall Ring Starfall Ring55
46Meteor Ring Meteor Ring55
47Astrowinter Ring Astrowinter Ring55
48Windblast Ring Windblast Ring55
49Hurricane Ring Hurricane Ring55
50Crescent Ring Crescent Ring55
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