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# ID Name Level Type
125358N/A测试技能用戒指01A N/A测试技能用戒指01A1
225359N/A测试技能用戒指01B N/A测试技能用戒指01B1
325360N/A测试技能用戒指02A N/A测试技能用戒指02A1
425361N/A测试技能用戒指02B N/A测试技能用戒指02B1
539906Ring of the Tiger Ring of the Tiger1
680970Spring Rain Ring Spring Rain Ring1
780971Bird Chasing Ring Bird Chasing Ring1
83454Boneshard Ring Boneshard Ring10
96296Tiger Might Tiger Might10
106306Eminence of the Tiger Eminence of the Tiger10
1124278Ethereal Ring Ethereal Ring10
1239907Ring of the Cloud Ring of the Cloud15
1340540Misan Ring Misan Ring15
1469643Dashlight Ring Dashlight Ring15
1569644Dashglow Ring Dashglow Ring15
1674617Tide: Dashlight Ring Tide: Dashlight Ring15
1774618Tide: Dashglow Ring Tide: Dashglow Ring15
183455Ox Spine Ring Ox Spine Ring25
193509Ring of the Morning Star Ring of the Morning Star25
203510Ring of Hollow Breeze Ring of Hollow Breeze25
213511Nova Ring Nova Ring25
223512Windcharge Ring Windcharge Ring25
236297Dominator's Might Dominator's Might25
246307Eminence of the Dominator Eminence of the Dominator25
2511420Bronze Hero Medal Bronze Hero Medal30
2632123Grand Dragon Ring Grand Dragon Ring30
2739908Ring of the Star Ring of the Star30
2857997Copper Ring Copper Ring30
2972241Emerald Wind Ring Emerald Wind Ring30
3072242Velvet Stone Ring Velvet Stone Ring30
3124274Alacrity Ring Alacrity Ring35
323456Canine Ring Canine Ring40
336298Champion's Might Champion's Might40
346308Eminence of the Champion Eminence of the Champion40
3511421Silver Hero Medal Silver Hero Medal45
3612027Ring of Warsoul Ring of Warsoul45
3739909Ring of the Ghost Ring of the Ghost45
383457Drake Femur Ring Drake Femur Ring55
393513Ring of Astral Storm Ring of Astral Storm55
403514Ring of Comet Ring of Comet55
413515Ring of Bolide Ring of Bolide55
423516Ring of Whirlwind Ring of Whirlwind55
433517Frostcore Ring Frostcore Ring55
443518Lunarfrost Ring Lunarfrost Ring55
453519Starfall Ring Starfall Ring55
463520Meteor Ring Meteor Ring55
473521Astrowinter Ring Astrowinter Ring55
483522Windblast Ring Windblast Ring55
493523Hurricane Ring Hurricane Ring55
503524Crescent Ring Crescent Ring55
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