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# Name Level Type
1Seal Breaker Seal Breaker1
2Chess Maven's Soul Chess Maven's Soul1
3Order of the Sword Order of the Sword1
4Order of the Gust Order of the Gust1
5Gust Talisman Gust Talisman1
6Gust Talisman Gust Talisman1
7Gust Talisman Gust Talisman1
8Order of the Sword Order of the Sword1
9Flame Talisman Flame Talisman1
10Delicate Jade Pendant Delicate Jade Pendant1
11N/A飞升战场_互斥矿道具A N/A飞升战场_互斥矿道具A1
12N/A飞升战场_互斥矿道具B N/A飞升战场_互斥矿道具B1
13Heavenlight(Shadow Stone) Heavenlight(Shadow Stone)1
14Heavenlight(Dragon Stone) Heavenlight(Dragon Stone)1
15N/A请客钥匙 N/A请客钥匙1
16Fireproof Ladle Fireproof Ladle1
17Mystic Charm Mystic Charm1
18Power Totem Building Seal Power Totem Building Seal1
19Protection Totem Building Seal Protection Totem Building Seal1
20Light Tower Sigil Light Tower Sigil1
21Dark Tower Sigil Dark Tower Sigil1
22Offense-Senior Offense-Senior1
23Defense-Senior Defense-Senior1
24Banner Torch Banner Torch1
25Banner Torch Banner Torch1
26Materials Collection Tool Materials Collection Tool1
27Arrow Tower Operating Tool Arrow Tower Operating Tool1
28Coronation Ladder Builder Coronation Ladder Builder1
29Coronation Food and Grass Coronation Food and Grass1
30Coronation Materials Coronation Materials1
31Holy Beast Summoning Talisman Holy Beast Summoning Talisman1
32Small hammer Small hammer30
33begging for the light begging for the light30
34Grumpy Wind Spirit Grumpy Wind Spirit30
35Shining Cherry Petals Shining Cherry Petals30
36Wind Spirit Wind Spirit30
37Golden Wand Golden Wand30
38Jadeon Healing Elixir Jadeon Healing Elixir30
39Destroy Seal Yin Destroy Seal Yin150
40Destroy Seal Jue Destroy Seal Jue150
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