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# ID Name Level Type
159039Cloudsurfer Hat♂ Cloudsurfer Hat♂15
259040Cloudsurfer Hat♀ Cloudsurfer Hat♀15
359227Essence Angelica Hat♂ Essence Angelica Hat♂15
459237Essence Angelica Hat♀ Essence Angelica Hat♀15
559046Moonglow Hat♂ Moonglow Hat♂30
659047Moonglow Hat♀ Moonglow Hat♀30
759228Essence Buddha Hat♂ Essence Buddha Hat♂30
859238Essence Buddha Hat♀ Essence Buddha Hat♀30
959053Sunshimmer Hat♂ Sunshimmer Hat♂45
1059054Sunshimmer Hat♀ Sunshimmer Hat♀45
1159135Sunshimmer Hat♂ Sunshimmer Hat♂45
1259136Sunshimmer Hat♀ Sunshimmer Hat♀45
1359229Essence Wadding Hat♂ Essence Wadding Hat♂45
1459239Essence Wadding Hat♀ Essence Wadding Hat♀45
1559060Meteorite Hat♂ Meteorite Hat♂60
1659061Meteorite Hat♀ Meteorite Hat♀60
1759137Meteorite Hat♂ Meteorite Hat♂60
1859138Meteorite Hat♀ Meteorite Hat♀60
1959230Essence Flax Hat♂ Essence Flax Hat♂60
2059240Essence Flax Hat♀ Essence Flax Hat♀60
2159269Abyss Azurebloom Hat♂ Abyss Azurebloom Hat♂60
2259276Abyss Azurebloom Hat♀ Abyss Azurebloom Hat♀60
2358870●Stardust Hat♂ ●Stardust Hat♂75
2458871●Stardust Hat♀ ●Stardust Hat♀75
2559067Shattered Star Hat♂ Shattered Star Hat♂75
2659068Shattered Star Hat♀ Shattered Star Hat♀75
2759139Shattered Star Hat♂ Shattered Star Hat♂75
2859140Shattered Star Hat♀ Shattered Star Hat♀75
2959231Essence Aconite Hat♂ Essence Aconite Hat♂75
3059241Essence Aconite Hat♀ Essence Aconite Hat♀75
3159247Spirit Hazel Hat♂ Spirit Hazel Hat♂75
3259253Spirit Hazel Hat♀ Spirit Hazel Hat♀75
3359270Abyss Velvetlily Hat♂ Abyss Velvetlily Hat♂75
3459277Abyss Velvetlily Hat♀ Abyss Velvetlily Hat♀75
3559283Shrewd Witshackle Hat♂ Shrewd Witshackle Hat♂75
3659289Shrewd Witshackle Hat♀ Shrewd Witshackle Hat♀75
3758877●Starblaze Hat♂ ●Starblaze Hat♂90
3858878●Starblaze Hat♀ ●Starblaze Hat♀90
3959074Cosmic Dust Hat♂ Cosmic Dust Hat♂90
4059075Cosmic Dust Hat♀ Cosmic Dust Hat♀90
4159141Cosmic Dust Hat♂ Cosmic Dust Hat♂90
4259142Cosmic Dust Hat♀ Cosmic Dust Hat♀90
4359172Dark Matter Hat♂ Dark Matter Hat♂90
4459173Dark Matter Hat♀ Dark Matter Hat♀90
4559232Essence Strength Hat♂ Essence Strength Hat♂90
4659242Essence Strength Hat♀ Essence Strength Hat♀90
4759248Spirit Acorn Hat♂ Spirit Acorn Hat♂90
4859254Spirit Acorn Hat♀ Spirit Acorn Hat♀90
4959259Void Topaz Hat♂ Void Topaz Hat♂90
5059264Void Topaz Hat♀ Void Topaz Hat♀90
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