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# ID Name Level Type
145037Shellplate Boots♂ Shellplate Boots♂15
245038Shellplate Boots♀ Shellplate Boots♀15
348529Essence Stinger Boots♂ Essence Stinger Boots♂15
448539Essence Stinger Boots♀ Essence Stinger Boots♀15
545044Darkcoil Boots♂ Darkcoil Boots♂30
645045Darkcoil Boots♀ Darkcoil Boots♀30
748530Essence Wyvern Boots♂ Essence Wyvern Boots♂30
848540Essence Wyvern Boots♀ Essence Wyvern Boots♀30
945051Wartime Boots♂ Wartime Boots♂45
1045052Wartime Boots♀ Wartime Boots♀45
1145137Wartime Boots♂ Wartime Boots♂45
1245138Wartime Boots♀ Wartime Boots♀45
1348531Essence Bramble Boots♂ Essence Bramble Boots♂45
1448541Essence Bramble Boots♀ Essence Bramble Boots♀45
1545058Panther Boots♂ Panther Boots♂60
1645059Panther Boots♀ Panther Boots♀60
1745139Panther Boots♂ Panther Boots♂60
1845140Panther Boots♀ Panther Boots♀60
1948532Essence Thorn Boots♂ Essence Thorn Boots♂60
2048542Essence Thorn Boots♀ Essence Thorn Boots♀60
2148571Abyss Heartshiver Boots♂ Abyss Heartshiver Boots♂60
2248578Abyss Heartshiver Boots♀ Abyss Heartshiver Boots♀60
2344868●Complicated Soul Boots♂ ●Complicated Soul Boots♂75
2444869●Complicated Soul Boots♀ ●Complicated Soul Boots♀75
2545065Griffin Boots♂ Griffin Boots♂75
2645066Griffin Boots♀ Griffin Boots♀75
2745141Griffin Boots♂ Griffin Boots♂75
2845142Griffin Boots♀ Griffin Boots♀75
2948533Essence Chrome Boots♂ Essence Chrome Boots♂75
3048543Essence Chrome Boots♀ Essence Chrome Boots♀75
3148549Spirit Tassel Boots♂ Spirit Tassel Boots♂75
3248555Spirit Tassel Boots♀ Spirit Tassel Boots♀75
3348572Abyss Darkhunt Boots♂ Abyss Darkhunt Boots♂75
3448579Abyss Darkhunt Boots♀ Abyss Darkhunt Boots♀75
3548585Shrewd Squareinferno Boots♂ Shrewd Squareinferno Boots♂75
3648591Shrewd Squareinferno Boots♀ Shrewd Squareinferno Boots♀75
3744875●Farland Spirit Boots♂ ●Farland Spirit Boots♂90
3844876●Farland Spirit Boots♀ ●Farland Spirit Boots♀90
3945072Raincloud Boots♂ Raincloud Boots♂90
4045073Raincloud Boots♀ Raincloud Boots♀90
4145143Raincloud Boots♂ Raincloud Boots♂90
4245144Raincloud Boots♀ Raincloud Boots♀90
4345174Archdevil Stout Boots♂ Archdevil Stout Boots♂90
4445175Archdevil Stout Boots♀ Archdevil Stout Boots♀90
4548534Essence Rhino Boots♂ Essence Rhino Boots♂90
4648544Essence Rhino Boots♀ Essence Rhino Boots♀90
4748550Spirit March Boots♂ Spirit March Boots♂90
4848556Spirit March Boots♀ Spirit March Boots♀90
4948561Void Fang Boots♂ Void Fang Boots♂90
5048566Void Fang Boots♀ Void Fang Boots♀90
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