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# ID Name Level Type
194034Toadeye Robe♀ Toadeye Robe♀15
294035Toadeye Robe♂ Toadeye Robe♂15
394426Essence Silence Robe♀ Essence Silence Robe♀15
494427Essence Silence Robe♂ Essence Silence Robe♂15
594716Refined Toadeye Robe Refined Toadeye Robe15
695355Astrum Astrum15
795356Illustrious Illustrious15
894042Ripplewave Robe♀ Ripplewave Robe♀30
994043Ripplewave Robe♂ Ripplewave Robe♂30
1094433Essence Keen Robe♀ Essence Keen Robe♀30
1194434Essence Keen Robe♂ Essence Keen Robe♂30
1294717Refined Ripplewave Robe Refined Ripplewave Robe30
1394049Rainbowflame Robe♀ Rainbowflame Robe♀45
1494050Rainbowflame Robe♂ Rainbowflame Robe♂45
1594440Essence Manifested Robe♀ Essence Manifested Robe♀45
1694441Essence Manifested Robe♂ Essence Manifested Robe♂45
1794718Refined Rainbowflame Robe Refined Rainbowflame Robe45
1894732Rainbowflame Robe♀ Rainbowflame Robe♀45
1994733Rainbowflame Robe♂ Rainbowflame Robe♂45
2094056Cherry Blossom Robe♀ Cherry Blossom Robe♀60
2194057Cherry Blossom Robe♂ Cherry Blossom Robe♂60
2294447Essence Limpid Robe♀ Essence Limpid Robe♀60
2394448Essence Limpid Robe♂ Essence Limpid Robe♂60
2494611Abyss Alchemic Robe♀ Abyss Alchemic Robe♀60
2594612Abyss Alchemic Robe♂ Abyss Alchemic Robe♂60
2694719Refined Cherry Blossom Robe Refined Cherry Blossom Robe60
2794739Cherry Blossom Robe♀ Cherry Blossom Robe♀60
2894740Cherry Blossom Robe♂ Cherry Blossom Robe♂60
2994063Cinders Robe♀ Cinders Robe♀75
3094064Cinders Robe♂ Cinders Robe♂75
3194125● Nourishment Robe♀ ● Nourishment Robe♀75
3294126● Nourishment Robe♂ ● Nourishment Robe♂75
3394454Essence Soaring Robe♀ Essence Soaring Robe♀75
3494455Essence Soaring Robe♂ Essence Soaring Robe♂75
3594496Spirit Upeksa Robe♀ Spirit Upeksa Robe♀75
3694497Spirit Upeksa Robe♂ Spirit Upeksa Robe♂75
3794618Abyss Stonespill Robe♀ Abyss Stonespill Robe♀75
3894619Abyss Stonespill Robe♂ Abyss Stonespill Robe♂75
3994660Dark Parajikas Robe♀ Dark Parajikas Robe♀75
4094661Dark Parajikas Robe♂ Dark Parajikas Robe♂75
4194720Refined Cinders Robe Refined Cinders Robe75
4294746Cinders Robe♀ Cinders Robe♀75
4394747Cinders Robe♂ Cinders Robe♂75
4494070Hazy Maple Robe♀ Hazy Maple Robe♀90
4594071Hazy Maple Robe♂ Hazy Maple Robe♂90
4694132● Windfall Robe♀ ● Windfall Robe♀90
4794133● Windfall Robe♂ ● Windfall Robe♂90
4894461Essence Indulgent Robe♀ Essence Indulgent Robe♀90
4994462Essence Indulgent Robe♂ Essence Indulgent Robe♂90
5094503Spirit Rampant Robe♀ Spirit Rampant Robe♀90
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