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# Name Level Type
1Test Weapons Test Weapons-
2Gale Sword Gale Sword15
3Sand Spirit Sword Sand Spirit Sword15
4Ghost Sand Sword Ghost Sand Sword15
5Refined Gale Sword Refined Gale Sword15
6Squall Sword Squall Sword30
7Earth Spirit Sword Earth Spirit Sword30
8Nether Spirit Sword Nether Spirit Sword30
9Secret Sword Secret Sword30
10Refined Squall Sword Refined Squall Sword30
11Tiger Tooth Sword Tiger Tooth Sword45
12Sky Spirit Sword Sky Spirit Sword45
13Underworld Sword Underworld Sword45
14Refined Tiger Tooth Sword Refined Tiger Tooth Sword45
15Tiger Tooth Sword Tiger Tooth Sword45
16Tempest Sword Tempest Sword60
17War Spirit Sword War Spirit Sword60
18Mingling Years Sword Mingling Years Sword60
19Secret Age Sword Secret Age Sword60
20Great Spirit Sword Great Spirit Sword60
21Refined Tempest Sword Refined Tempest Sword60
22Tempest Sword Tempest Sword60
23Gust Sword Gust Sword75
24●·Lonely Path Sword ●·Lonely Path Sword75
25God Spirit Sword God Spirit Sword75
26Soul Shatterer Sword Soul Shatterer Sword75
27Ghost Sword Ghost Sword75
28True Sword of the Underworld True Sword of the Underworld75
29Honorary Sword Honorary Sword75
30Refined Gust Sword Refined Gust Sword75
31Gust Sword Gust Sword75
32Lofty Sword Lofty Sword90
33●·Six Cuts Sword ●·Six Cuts Sword90
34Fire Spirit Sword Fire Spirit Sword90
35Spirit Kelp Sword Spirit Kelp Sword90
36God's Deep Void Sword God's Deep Void Sword90
37Underworld Practicing Sword Underworld Practicing Sword90
38Fire Hook Sword Fire Hook Sword90
39Underworld Sword Underworld Sword90
40Underworld Fire Sword Underworld Fire Sword90
41Underworld Fire Sword Underworld Fire Sword90
42Underworld Spirit Sword Underworld Spirit Sword90
43Plum Sword Plum Sword90
44God Slayer Sword God Slayer Sword90
45Refined Lofty Sword Refined Lofty Sword90
46Dragon's Edge Sword Dragon's Edge Sword90
47Lofty Sword Lofty Sword90
48Wild Wind Sword Wild Wind Sword105
49●·Eagle Striking Sword ●·Eagle Striking Sword105
50Blue Soul Sword Blue Soul Sword105
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