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# ID Name Level Type
134980Gleaming Armor♂ Gleaming Armor♂15
234981Gleaming Armor♀ Gleaming Armor♀15
335850Ardent Gleaming Armor♂ Ardent Gleaming Armor♂15
435851Ardent Gleaming Armor♀ Ardent Gleaming Armor♀15
536178Refined Gleaming Armor Refined Gleaming Armor15
642096N/A封神初等怀光甲男 N/A封神初等怀光甲男15
742097N/A封神初等怀光甲女 N/A封神初等怀光甲女15
847905Essence Forbidden Armor♂ Essence Forbidden Armor♂15
947915Essence Forbidden Armor♀ Essence Forbidden Armor♀15
1034982Earthshift Armor♂ Earthshift Armor♂30
1134983Earthshift Armor♀ Earthshift Armor♀30
1235852Ardent Earthshift Armor♂ Ardent Earthshift Armor♂30
1335853Ardent Earthshift Armor♀ Ardent Earthshift Armor♀30
1435870Wary Earthshift Armor♂ Wary Earthshift Armor♂30
1535871Wary Earthshift Armor♀ Wary Earthshift Armor♀30
1635915Fervent Earthshift Armor♂ Fervent Earthshift Armor♂30
1735924Fervent Earthshift Armor♀ Fervent Earthshift Armor♀30
1835948Vacuous Earthshift Armor♂ Vacuous Earthshift Armor♂30
1935949Vacuous Earthshift Armor♀ Vacuous Earthshift Armor♀30
2035966Astute Earthshift Armor♂ Astute Earthshift Armor♂30
2135967Astute Earthshift Armor♀ Astute Earthshift Armor♀30
2236179Refined Earthshift Armor Refined Earthshift Armor30
2347906Essence Ruin Armor♂ Essence Ruin Armor♂30
2447916Essence Ruin Armor♀ Essence Ruin Armor♀30
2534984Voidstone Armor♂ Voidstone Armor♂45
2634985Voidstone Armor♀ Voidstone Armor♀45
2735840Voidstone Armor♂ Voidstone Armor♂45
2835841Voidstone Armor♀ Voidstone Armor♀45
2935854Ardent Voidstone Armor♂ Ardent Voidstone Armor♂45
3035855Ardent Voidstone Armor♀ Ardent Voidstone Armor♀45
3135872Wary Voidstone Armor♂ Wary Voidstone Armor♂45
3235873Wary Voidstone Armor♀ Wary Voidstone Armor♀45
3335916Fervent Voidstone Armor♂ Fervent Voidstone Armor♂45
3435925Fervent Voidstone Armor♀ Fervent Voidstone Armor♀45
3535950Vacuous Voidstone Armor♂ Vacuous Voidstone Armor♂45
3635951Vacuous Voidstone Armor♀ Vacuous Voidstone Armor♀45
3735968Astute Voidstone Armor♂ Astute Voidstone Armor♂45
3835969Astute Voidstone Armor♀ Astute Voidstone Armor♀45
3936180Refined Voidstone Armor Refined Voidstone Armor45
4047907Essence Frost Armor♂ Essence Frost Armor♂45
4147917Essence Frost Armor♀ Essence Frost Armor♀45
4234986Bloodbane Armor♂ Bloodbane Armor♂60
4334987Bloodbane Armor♀ Bloodbane Armor♀60
4435842Bloodbane Armor♂ Bloodbane Armor♂60
4535843Bloodbane Armor♀ Bloodbane Armor♀60
4635856Ardent Bloodbane Armor♂ Ardent Bloodbane Armor♂60
4735857Ardent Bloodbane Armor♀ Ardent Bloodbane Armor♀60
4835874Wary Bloodbane Armor♂ Wary Bloodbane Armor♂60
4935875Wary Bloodbane Armor♀ Wary Bloodbane Armor♀60
5035888Arcanum Bloodbane Armor♂ Arcanum Bloodbane Armor♂60
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