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# ID Name Level Type
1336Composite Boots♂ Composite Boots♂15
2536Composite Boots♀ Composite Boots♀15
35574Ardent Composite Boots♂ Ardent Composite Boots♂15
45575Ardent Composite Boots♀ Ardent Composite Boots♀15
513713N/A昆仑声望装100级鬼王宗靴男 N/A昆仑声望装100级鬼王宗靴男15
613714N/A昆仑声望装100级鬼王宗靴女 N/A昆仑声望装100级鬼王宗靴女15
742110N/A封神初等鬼王宗靴男 N/A封神初等鬼王宗靴男15
842111N/A封神初等鬼王宗靴女 N/A封神初等鬼王宗靴女15
946072Essence Iron Boots♂ Essence Iron Boots♂15
1046082Essence Iron Boots♀ Essence Iron Boots♀15
11337Shard Boots♂ Shard Boots♂30
12537Shard Boots♀ Shard Boots♀30
132799Ardent Shard Boots♂ Ardent Shard Boots♂30
142906Ardent Shard Boots♀ Ardent Shard Boots♀30
153599Astute Shard Boots♂ Astute Shard Boots♂30
163647Fervent Shard Boots♂ Fervent Shard Boots♂30
173650Vacuous Shard Boots♂ Vacuous Shard Boots♂30
183779Astute Shard Boots♀ Astute Shard Boots♀30
193782Fervent Shard Boots♀ Fervent Shard Boots♀30
203785Vacuous Shard Boots♀ Vacuous Shard Boots♀30
213894Wary Shard Boots♂ Wary Shard Boots♂30
223947Wary Shard Boots♀ Wary Shard Boots♀30
2346073Essence Battle Boots♂ Essence Battle Boots♂30
2446083Essence Battle Boots♀ Essence Battle Boots♀30
25338Shinplate Boots♂ Shinplate Boots♂45
26538Shinplate Boots♀ Shinplate Boots♀45
272800Ardent Shinplate Boots♂ Ardent Shinplate Boots♂45
282907Ardent Shinplate Boots♀ Ardent Shinplate Boots♀45
293600Astute Shinplate Boots♂ Astute Shinplate Boots♂45
303648Fervent Shinplate Boots♂ Fervent Shinplate Boots♂45
313651Vacuous Shinplate Boots♂ Vacuous Shinplate Boots♂45
323780Astute Shinplate Boots♀ Astute Shinplate Boots♀45
333783Fervent Shinplate Boots♀ Fervent Shinplate Boots♀45
343786Vacuous Shinplate Boots♀ Vacuous Shinplate Boots♀45
353895Wary Shinplate Boots♂ Wary Shinplate Boots♂45
363948Wary Shinplate Boots♀ Wary Shinplate Boots♀45
3716465Shinplate Boots♂ Shinplate Boots♂45
3816466Shinplate Boots♀ Shinplate Boots♀45
3946074Essence Stout Boots♂ Essence Stout Boots♂45
4046084Essence Stout Boots♀ Essence Stout Boots♀45
41339Layered Boots♂ Layered Boots♂60
42539Layered Boots♀ Layered Boots♀60
432801Ardent Layered Boots♂ Ardent Layered Boots♂60
442908Ardent Layered Boots♀ Ardent Layered Boots♀60
453034Silverlaced Boots♂ Silverlaced Boots♂60
463118Silverlaced Boots♀ Silverlaced Boots♀60
473601Astute Layered Boots♂ Astute Layered Boots♂60
483649Fervent Layered Boots♂ Fervent Layered Boots♂60
493652Vacuous Layered Boots♂ Vacuous Layered Boots♂60
503653Soulhunter's Boots♂ Soulhunter's Boots♂60
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